Friday, May 26, 2006


This is a tribute to a 68 year old man whom I admire.Here it goes....................

"Rajesh, ball pass karo" was Sachin's call."Ya , ya ...take it"..I said. "Yea yea"...We all shouted and enjoyed after scoring a goal."Cut..Cut",said the director.Wondering what..?I am with Sachin Tendulkar for an Ad video.When the shot was ok,Sachin was leaving.A huge crowd gathered and everyone were shoutin "Sachin autograph please....Sachin...Sachin...".Among these I heard a strange voice yelling "Eh..Rajesh..Rajesh". I just rubbed my eyes,saw a familiar face..Oh God..Its my mom.Its 4.30 in the morning and she is waking me up and the ad video was a dream..".......What a nice dream!!!!!...Why did u wake me up?...was such a nice dream!!!.." I asked her in disgust.She shot back saying "Today is April 5th...Forgot?".I dont know from where I got all the energy and enthusiasm, I immediately got up.This was a day for which I ve been longing for 2 months.I got up and did the morning routine.I had my cup of coffee, the aroma really refreshed me.I took my cycle and pedalled my way to a nearby school where I ve studied for 6 years.It was great to be back there. I saw my friends leaving their vehciles and proceeding to a class.I followed them.On the way I saw a 68 year old man, so formally dressed standing outside the block and welcoming all the students.I wished him"Good Morning Sir".Jus a shake of the head was his reply.I entered the class and was to happy to see my friend Ashwin sitting in the front bench,So I went there and sat next to him and I never changed that place for that full year.That place become as close as Ashwin was to me.

That gentleman entered and requested one of the girls to start the proceedings with a prayer.After the prayer, a strange voice caught my attention and made me turn away from Ashwin with whom I was chatting (as usual)."I am N.Sundaresan......Reader in you may be knowing, anyway let me give you a formal introduction......................",he started.This was the beginning of his tuition classes, I cherish those moments even today.Such a pleasing experience it was for me to attend his classes.For a person like me who considers sleeping as the mother of all activities, this gentleman really made me get up at 4.30 with no hesitation. ( but I must confess that I ve slept in his classes,this was only on those very few days when I missed my morning coffee).The thing which really brought about this change was his entertaining and brilliant way of teaching.I was a person who considered Physics as my biggest enemy in class XI because I was a victim of some horrible classes in School and this man brought about a drastic change in my attitude in just a week and made physics my biggest friend.The anecdotes which he used to give during the class really made me relate physics to the daily happenings around me.At one point,I started repenting as to why I missed these classes in class XI.

Let me now tell about his classes.If Mr.Sundaresan enters Jawahar Vidyalaya,then you can tell without any doubt that it is 5.15.So punctual he was and he expected the same from us which made some students a little uncomfortable.I ve always been punctual and was unfortunate to arrive 5 minutes late just one day and he did nt excuse me as usual,I was standing in the last row the full class.Then after the class I went and asked a sorry and requested him to mark my attendance.He replied"Naan eppadi Rajesh ku attendance podaama viduven,Athellaam pottuduven.(How will I forget to mark attendance for Rajesh?) and ended it with his characteristic smile.Thank You Sir,I replied in a humble manner and left.There has not been a single issue which he had not talked about.He is a strong critic of Karunanidhi,objected Sonia contesting the elections as she was not of Indian origin.Just like how I admire him,he says he really admires Rajdeep Sardesai and says he is forced to watch his shows.He calls Jayalalitha a brave woman and comments that Rajnikanth is an eccentric fellow.Though I oppose some of his views,I admire his style of speaking.I had told this in the feedback letter that I ve never heard such style of speaking. ( A style as different as Rajnikanth).The words he uses very often are "So that way.....".I dont know whether he s doing with or without his knowledge. ie he always ends his sentences with the word"right" which sounds very strange but nice.

There is one thing which makes me feel a little sad,he said that I did nt live up to his expectations in the marks I scored.I could manage only 89% in physics in the XII public exams but he said "So.......Rajesh...... I expected a 94 from you but sad that you could nt." but anyway he has appreciated my way of presenting the answers and says he likes my handwriting too .He has told this both to me and my parents.I felt very happy to hear this ( Atleast something I can be proud of ).

Overall,it has been a marvellous experience for me to attend his classes.I salute you Sir and promise to lead my life in the manner you had expected of me.

I feel elated to have penned down my views on Mr.Sundaresan who has really impressed me and whom I admire and respect a lot.

Feedbacks,comments and suggestions are always welcome.


sithara said...

hey .. its really nice.. the topic is too good as well!! tribute to a prof... keep it going!!:)

Anonymous said...

its a noble idea for the readers as well as for ur own causes...keep up the good work!

Kin of Evil said...

good work.. the Sir would be very much Gr8ful :D, yep I also did hear de same

durga said...

sunde pola varuma...nice one machi

frankly am not 2 fond of him...his arrogance is jus 2 much..but his style an SOME of his views are agreeable..

but jus don compare him 2 Thalaivar..u know my Rajni obsession so don b offended