Friday, June 19, 2009

NOKIA Connects

Well, I am excited…I am feeling wonderful, really good; I am happy, I am delighted, I am ecstatic… I can use ‘n’ more of such adjectives, but, even those many expressions of my feeling in words won’t suffice, because, I am feeling unimaginably excited. What more can a music lover ask for, when his dad has just bought him a new Nokia 5130 Express Music mobile phone. Yes! I purchased it yesterday.

Ever since I first owned a mobile, three years ago, I have started to consider her (I give my mobile the feminine gender) as an inseparable possession. But for the time I spend in the restroom (at home), she stays inside my left trouser pocket 24X7. And every five minutes at least, I touch the pocket to confirm her presence; she is such a special companion. She is my only buddy who follows me everywhere I go, rather, I make it a point to carry her with me, and she doesn’t mind that. She has traveled with me under the scorching sun in the afternoons, on rainy nights, and on pleasant evenings as well.
I experienced the best of nights, yesterday, in her company. She was kissing my ears and I didn’t feel like leaving my hold over her. My right palm had a grip over her body throughout, and my intermittent looks at her face (the screen) evoked myriad expressions of joy, every time I changed tracks, from one favorite to another. Suddenly, I realize that it has gotten late, and so, I look into her again, and she displays 0117 hrs. “Three hours gone in no time!” It was an amazing feeling to listen to some of the most favorite songs, in my girl's company.
When I talk about my love for mobiles, I would also like to discuss about a section of people who seem to supposedly hate the usage of it. I have listened to various kinds of comments. Let me list a few of them.
“I am using it just to keep up my status”
“It’s such a nuisance, you know”
“It’s an unnecessary carry”
“I just wonder if people can’t live without mobiles!” would be a baseless comment remarked by someone who himself possesses one of the costliest mobiles available in the country.
“I am happy I am away from it for the time being”, would be a reply from someone who has just lost his/her mobile. I actually see it as a coverup for the irresponsible behavior.
From what I have observed over the years, I don’t see their HATE for mobiles in these stupid remarks. I see these groundless talks as an ineffectual attempt to be ‘DIFFERENT’. The world knows how well mobiles have enticed us to become ‘Man’s best friend’, and these people, by passing such remarks, are just TRYING to portray themselves as a unique breed. Ok! Fine! Let them talk against mobiles, but why the hell do they use one in the first place, and above all, why the hell do they have to sound rhetoric? Simply because, they can’t stand their own liking or addiction to that 100 gram electronic gadget.
I strongly feel, one doesn’t talk excessively about something he/she hates, rather, it’s done for something which is adored enormously. The heart loves using it but the mind is unable to bear it. What these people fail to realize is, however hard they are going to try, man is not going to stay away from mobiles. Whatever! All I wish to convey to such specimens is, “You use a mobile, or you don’t use a mobile, I don't give a fuck, but, please don’t see yourself getting fooled in front of my eyes, by passing such comments, time and again.”
Coming back to my other love, music; no blog post of mine, related to it, is complete without a mention of The Undisputed Queen of Indian Playback Singing, Shreya Ghoshal. Wow! What a wonderful feeling it is, to listen to her sing so wonderfully. Now, I feel, Nokia actually CONNECTS me with her.
It is now when I get a feeling of how blessed I am to have both of my ears sharp. To see her name appear on the screen while listening to her sing is, by itself, a special feeling. Her name spells Magic (Jaadhu) and her songs spell Intoxication (Nasha). Imagine how I’ll feel like, when I listen to her sing Jaadhu Hai Nasha (Jism). But, now, I am reveling in her ‘Kyun’ from Khambakkht Ishq. I am talking about her solo version. Wow! Terrific! Do listen to it.
Also, her songs in ‘Morning Walk’ are fabulous.
I feel good to have penned down this write-up. Just like my many other blog posts, this also is close to my heart. After all, I have dwelled upon three of my favorites – Mobile, Music and Shreya Ghoshal.

Below is the first photo I snapped on my mobile.


Shruti said...

Ohhh.... First of all.. Congratulations...

I can so understand the love for ur favorite cell phone... Even I got my fav phone very very recently... its been three months and i still have its hangover!!!

i mean i just love the music facility.. though its not a complete music phone.. my phone has touch screen music commands :P

anyway... i feel as if i got a new phone and not u :D
good good... in fact awesome!!!

and that pic is sooooooo funny :D
have fun

Express said...

haha! I got a new phone too! but no nokia *sob*, and sony is SO COMPLICATED and such a plastic box types :( 1 msg takes me 15 mins to type :'(
but camera n music quality is good.. so i'm gonna stop cribbing..

ur new one looks like a sleek sexy piece! good :) and in the last pic u look all knocked out :D ah, vacations r such awesome fun! :)

oh, late but well,

akanksha said...

Glad to see u back :)
I am one of those who cant live without their cell phones!
I just love my Nokia 5310 Express Music! The best part is, I baught it with my own hard earned money when I started with my job last year!


ANWESA said...

congos 4 ur cellphone!!!happy music listening!!!!

hope u'll njoy d journey wid "her"!!!

Rajesh said...

Welcome back! Nice 2 hav u here.. is jus gr8 in this...loving every moment of it.

and well..pic , yeah i felt was sunny.. "A NATURAL PHOTO"

Rajesh said...

Yeah vacations ARE fun...having anice tym...and well, nmob is nt exactly sleek but yeah, quite compact...enjoying.Nokia rocczzz :)

Rajesh said...

Welcome back! Nice 2 hav u here..

Yeah i can must hav felt gr8...2 buy off ur own money...hope i get it smday :)

Rajesh said...

Yup...even I wish I enjoy with HER.

Still thinking said...

Congratulations on the new phone dude!

I totally love the song 'Kyun', totally! :)

Anurag said...

haha ..dude congrats mann ...Yeah I too own a nokia but not this one...But yes for music lovers...this one is on par with the best :) ....

So Congo...Just don't overuse it :P

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

congratulations rajesh.

i love the way u have interlinked mobile, music and shreya. :)

Roo-Ba-Roo said...

hope u having good time with her (your Nokia cell)n congrts....

HRV da RCKSTR said...

man man...this is so unbelievable...i too just bought the same cell phone...NOKIA 5130..same colour ever since i've had it..i plug it in ...full volume..and shout to people.." NOKIA EXPRESS MUSIC HAI...!!! EXPRESS MUSIC..!!

Phoenix said...

hey guess wat? im buying the same phone in a few days time.. and im so elated and can so understand your jubilation!