Friday, May 01, 2009

A strange feeling

Hi guys...its been a long time since i blogged. I was just lying down on my bed this afternoon and the chill air from the AC helped me escape from the heat. Just like the AC, the blogging platform helped me escape from the feelings that were troubling my heart. I needed(and i still need) someone to listen to what I had to say and it was you people with whom i actually shared everything. I felt good at recollecting my recent past, from march 22 2008. That was the day on which Shreya Ghoshal made me re-enter the world of blogging with a new-found exuberance. And just like her music, blogging too made me feel good and happy. If they were her songs which made me love her, it was you people who made me love the art of blogging.

For a moment I wondered why I have actually stopped blogging now. Of coourse, I had a reason. I wanted to concentrate on my book. Well, my novel is going good. Till now, I have completed 13 chapters =104 pages. (People who would like to read them and give me your reviews are welcome to do so. Leave your mail id in the comemnts section and I shall mail you. I would be glad if you people can take time off and read my work). 

A few weeks back, I received a comment from Niveditha who had said "Where you? Just cos you've big plans, don't stop blogging..." Though it was not meant to offend (hopefully...) I felt bad when I read it. I got a feeling if I was overlooking a platform which actually made me realize and hone the writing skill in me. Definitely not. 

Even now, I know I am not overlooking it and I am actually waiting to get back to blogging once I finish the book by the end of may or mid june(hopefully...). But I thought I ll pen down a short write-up now, to THANK U people for what you have done to me. THANK U to one and all for reading my blogs and making me realize that "I AM A DECENT WRITER".

Take care...Bye.. See you :) :)
Happy Blogging..

I am on my way to each of your blogs to know what's happening there and i have decided to spend the night at your blog sites.

P.S: There is a special mention about most of you in my novel, and apart from this article, everyone of you will be thanked in the "ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS" page of my book when it gets published. Hopefully, it should. Let's see.