Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love You!!!

I love him the most. He’s just more than a human being. He’s more than a friend to me. He’s someone I admire and respect. Is he God? No, He’s much more than that…someone I would like to hug when I’m happy and whose words can definitely get me out of distress. He’s that one person who can make me repent, the moment I get harsh at him. My attachment with him gets special when he gets me all I want but the one thing I yearn forever is his affection. His voice, when I listen to, over the phone takes me to a land which is alien to the word ‘frustration’. He’s that one and only person to whom I’ve stated ‘I’m grateful to you and love you lots’. He’s the best DAD in the world. I’m proud to say, none except my little bro has that special privilege to call him APPA. It is a license I possess, which neither requires a renewal nor has an expiry date.

I really mean every word in the above paragraph. In fact, I mean much more but definitely not able to express it still better.

I was sitting next to him in his bedroom asking him what to do with that 1000 bucks gift voucher I received from The Hindu. I suggested a LCD monitor which has been in scrutiny for many days. We had planned to get it a week back but somehow it got delayed. Now, he replied in the affirmative. He was lying on the bed and I sat inclined with my head on his back. A sound sleep beckoned him when I interrupted ‘Appa….you read my blog this morning right? How was it? You never told me??’ ‘Yeah…good’ he replied half-heartedly. ‘Appa, you remember what I told you last night?’. ‘Yeah I do’ he replied and said what exactly I had expected him to.

I had told ‘Appa…I’m really grateful to God for having bestowed me with such a dad…I still cant think of better means to thank you or Him than admitting my love for you’. You may wonder if I was cajoling him to get something done. No, it was a heart-felt conversation and my observations on him, the way he’s been to me over the years, his purity at heart and what not ??? These make me love him so much.  As I whole-heartedly acknowledged, I cuddled him till he felt the warmth a little too much. It was also that night when I told him ‘Appa, I want to write about you in my next blog’. With that smile and two dimples adoring his cheeks, he nodded his head. ‘Will you wait and read it once I post ? I asked and he replied ‘Yeah....sure’. I jumped out of the bed, ran to my room and here I’m, writing this.

As a kid, I remember the days when we had gone together, for shopping. Those crowded streets have never really bothered him and he was as agile as possible. A walk for a few yards would push me to take a seat in one of those chairs outside a shop but the enthusiast he is, would be venturing into the next shop for purchase carrying the bags too. Those sugar-cane juices, softy cones would pull me towards them and when I express my want for a softy to my dad, he gets wild ‘That’s the problem with you and that’s the very reason why I don’t take you out for shopping. You keep disturbing me with these things. They are not hygienic and I can't get you one’. I would retort back ‘Please pa…please pa…they look really tasty….please’, I plead with my right hand locking his palms. Snatching away a 10 rupee note from his purse, he would let me venture into my world of joy. After me feasting over a softy and as we leave the shopping area, he would come close to me and ask ‘How was the ice-cream?’ and that’s when we renew our talks. ‘Superb….thanks a lot pa’ would be my reply and the standard dialogue he would utter after every shopping session ‘Hereon I won’t take you with me for shopping…you disturb me too much’. I let this into my right ear and let it go through my left ear.

There’re quite a few things that makes me admire him. His concern for everybody in our family, conviviality, non-interference in other’s affairs, his desire to learn new things have made me stay in awe of him. The keenness with which he shares with me, things that interest him leaves me in admiration of his wholeheartedness and on most occasions, my admiration of his charm overshadows the actual conversation and I fail to listen to what he had got to say. His reactions when I had been through tough times in life were so solacing and had left me wonder if he actually has more concern for me than what I have. A very supportive person on most occasions he is, but on a few, he expects more from me, rather I had failed to live up to his expectations. 

I’ve always loved to irritate him. Despite my mom advising me not to find pleasure, it’s just been inevitable. My mockery of his favorite singers, actors makes him get mad at me. I keep ridiculing them and try my best to show them in poor light. Beyond a point, dad loses his temper and when I try to get near him, he pushes me saying ‘either of us should stay here….if you want to, I shall leave….please don’t come near me’. And that’s when I hug him and say ‘I was just kidding pa’. Other means by which I irritate is by imitating him wherein I visualize situations and reproduce the manner in which he would have reacted. He has always enjoyed my mimic and on many occasions, hugged me and given a pat on my back for my impersonation abilities.

As I post this write-up on a Sunday evening, I’m reminded of another Sunday evening when we both were at a restaurant and that’s when my friend called to inform that I had won 2 prizes in their college national tech fest. It was indeed a great feeling to see his delight and to me, that reaction of his meant more precious than that cash prize of 5000 bucks. Had we been at home, his reaction may have gone unnoticed in the sea of people but since we were alone together, I could enjoy his reaction and that was very encouraging. He’s one person on whose principles I would like to lead my life along. There’re innumerable things to learn from him. Our food habits are completely contrasting. While he hates onion and garlic, I love them and find food items without onion bitter. And this doesn’t stop here. While he’s very active, I admit, I’m little lazy with a laid-back attitude. While he gets tensed, I'm a tension-free person.While he’s quite an introvert, I’m an extrovert. And the list goes on. Though we’re polarized in our perception of most things, one thing we share is the love we have for each other.

I’ve pen down this write-up just to tell my dad ‘Love You!!!’

P.S: I take this opportunity to thank Tara for awarding me the Outstanding Blogger Award.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A moment to cherish

‘Rajesh, get up….its 6.20 already’, my mom yelled on yet another Thursday morning. ‘Yeah…I know…wait’ I retorted back. Minutes passed and she entered my room again. ‘Get up…its 6.30’ she shouted in anguish. ‘Ok…I’ll take care’ was my nonchalant reply. As I woke up after a minute, I was shocked to see my bedroom door locked. ‘Amma open the door….Amma open the door’, I screeched with the fear of missing the 7.05 train shuddering me. My brother was the savior and he opened the door. I got ready soon.

I ran down the staircase and bustled my way to the kitchen just to tell my mom ‘Amma, I’ll have coffee at college as it’s already 6.55 and I better leave now’. A nod of the head was her reply. As I was about to leave, a glimpse at The Hindu newspaper caught my attention. ‘Shall I just peep in to it ? Today’s Thursday !!’ I exclaimed to myself. Disbelief at something persuaded me from not having a look at it and I carried with me, The Times of India to accompany during the 1 hour train journey that was to follow. I boarded the train and after comforting myself near the window, I turned on the mp3 player and it, along with the ToI kept my ears and eyes busy. Diagonally opposite sat a middle-aged gentleman. After a while, I turned right to see him reading The Hindu newspaper. On his lap was rested the Hindu supplement Nxg. One look at it, I was tempted to borrow and have a look at something I had been eagerly awaiting for quite a while. Before I could just request, he folded the main paper and it swapped places with the Nxg. ‘Oh! My God’ I cried in disgust to myself. He read, read and read like he had never read that Nxg before. If I’m right, he was reading it for more than 20 minutes. When I first looked at that Nxg resting on his lap, it was Ajab Si (OSO) that was soothing my ears, and as time passed, Mein Agar Kahoon went by, followed by Dhoom Thaana and Deewangi. Even Teri Ore from Singh is Kinng passed and he was still hooked on to it. Having lost interest in my pursuit to have a glimpse at the tabloid newspaper, I got up from my seat and stood at the door to get down next. A minute was left for the next halt and that seemed the forlorn hope. I looked back to see him reading the last page. ‘Huh!!! Idiot!!! Why the F*** you taking so much time? Finish reading it fast’ I wanted to shout at him but couldn’t. My journey finally came to a halt and even after getting down, I felt like peeping in and when I did that, he was just placing the Nxg back on his laps. I wanted to re-enter the compartment, grab the newspaper, leave him desolated and run away. I failed in that too. 

With despair, I strolled towards the staircase, took the foot-over bridge and entered the lush-green campus of my college. I had coffee at the canteen, chat for a while and entered my class. Minutes passed, and my friend entered the class and said in an exuberant tone ‘Hey Rajesh…you had written a write-up in your blog about your morning train journey titled 7.05-8.05 am right ?’. I could sense something special at his exuberance and I knew, something really great that was bound to happen had happened. I replied ‘Yeah…I did…why ?. ‘Hey it has been published in today’s Hindu supplement Nxg da’ he informed me enthusiastically. 'Huh ??? Huh ??? Is it ?' my voice shrilled in a different tone. And I ran to his classroom only to find the article ‘FLEETING MEMORIES’ as one of the three published for that week in Nxg. The article was footed at the right bottom with the author’s name and designation

Mechanical Engineering
SRM University.

I was on cloud nine if I could say. Never have I experienced so much happiness and I take pride in the fact that my name took to the pages of a leading national daily. It has always been my desire, if not a dream to get my article published in a newspaper and it turned a reality that day. I had sent this article in June 2008 and it got published only now. A gift voucher worth 1000 bucks supplanted an icing on the cake. On my way back home, I purchased a fresh copy of The Hindu and placed it along with the school certificates in my folder. I wish to possess this edition all my life. The instant I had a look at my name published in the newspaper was indeed, a moment to cherish.

The incidents that happened at home and in the train that morning flashed across my mind. In the past, I used to peep in to the Nxg every Thursday morning and would be eager to know if my article has been published but all in vain. This morning, as I had stated, the disbelief evaded me from reading it. And destiny had other plans during my train journey. Looking at these two incidents, I re-affirmed my belief in two phrases, I had always believed in.



I’m glad my 25th post is written about something I can cherish all my life. It’s just a co-incidence and something DESTINED to happen. :)

I take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blogs all these days and keenly looking forward to your support in future as well. I thank blogger for uniting us. 

I’ve a request. Kindly let me know that 1 post out of the 25 which you liked the most. Please post the same in the comments section and mention that 1 write-up of mine. If you can, do let me know the reason for your liking.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tryst with teenage - Part 2

Before I start with the discussion, I would like to rewind myself 4 yrs back, the time I entered teenage with all worldly desires. I would like to look back at my own thoughts, how I perceived things then and how different are my perceptions today. What was my affinity to soft-porn and porno stuff ? Did I ever watch porn ? What influence peers had on me ? Whether my teenage was lived to the fullest ? How do I see myself as I leave the teenage world ? If ever I experienced eroticism ? If ever I experienced aestheticism ? How did I differentiate then ? Lots of questions remain unanswered. After answering and analyzing all these, I’ll draw conclusions. This topic certainly needs much time to jump to the right conclusions.

All written here is straight from my heart. People who get hurt when things are told blunt shall keep away and not read this part. Those willing to read with an open mind shall go ahead.

I remember, it was an April afternoon and as I was about to doze off, entered my cousin (5 yrs elder to me). I was upstairs and the rest of the family downstairs. He entered, switched on the TV and told me to tune in to FTV. This was, if I’m right, 8 years back when I was in class 8. I had no idea what it was and kept changing channels and once that channel was on, he enthusiastically told me ’An interesting channel da this one’. I was not-so-much bothered. He watched for a while and then left. When I think of his enthusiastic dialogue now, I guess he had told just to ensure, I get convinced that FTV was just like any other channel. After a few days, on a boring summer evening, I was reminded of this channel and switched it on. The show on air was ‘LINGERIE’. Maybe that was the time when I reached puberty and no wonder my eyes began looking to my left and right rather than straight at the TV. I made sure I was ready to change the channel if at all my parents give a sudden entry and my thumb impression was inscribed on the ‘NEXT PROGRAM’ button. I was so smart that I used to flick 2 channels so that even if my parents press the ‘PREVIOUS CHANNEL’ button, I would be safe. Hee...hee. I was clever, rather cunning. This continued for hardly a few weeks and I put a full stop to this practice to avoid seeing myself  in a mess. This was my first experience with eroticism. 

If FTV was what enthused boys at their early teens, it is pornography that rattles the hormones of all guys when they enter high school. That's the time when the testosterones are desperate for hyper-action. My experience with porno dates to that one and only day at my friend’s place when I watched Angelina Jolie’s sex scene in the film ‘Original Sin’. I had a horrendous time that evening as I pedaled my way back home from his place. A guilty feeling pervaded my heart and I felt, it was a SIN that I had committed. Never after that did I watch porno. The guilty feeling apart, I also found nothing enjoyable (unlike my friends) to be honest and the motion / activity on screen was disturbing. That was the only day I watched porno and till date, I’ve never visited a porn site. Even today I see most of my friends hooked on to porno and they’re addicted so much. I request if any of you guys reading this write-up could actually share with me your first feel at watching porno. I’m an exception here because I didn’t like it. It’s strange or rather I’m curious to know what actually describes that feeling best and this is where I'm pushed to believe in Pantheism and above all, in the omnipotence of God. I'm unable to justify this connection with God but my instinct drives me to relate them. As for peer influence on me, I’m glad to say, none of my friends forced me to give them company in watching such stuffs and even if they were to, I’m sure I wouldn’t have backtracked. I’m a person strong in my principles and do only things I feel is right for me.

Read the previous sentence again. There’s this peculiar me wherein I feel something is not wrong but when it comes to me doing it, I’m hesitant. Yes!!!! To me, watching porno or arousal of erotic feelings is not bad but somehow I’m not convinced to get myself involved. The reason is, the moment the very thought of watching porno strikes, my heart gets fenced with guilt and fear. It’s an instant feeling and I’m unable to act against my heart. It’s not mandatory that one should watch porno but watching it is no wrong in my opinion. It's part and parcel of everyone's life and one should get to know these things. Though I was averted to watching porn I made sure, I was aware of all porno terms. Guys are sometimes, looked at with contempt if they behave too naive and I agree, it's essential one doesn't see himself a stranger to the land of eroticism.

As I had stated in the previous post, there’s that thin, impenetrable blurring line separating aestheticism and eroticism. As far as I’m concerned, it depends from one person to another. Let me cite one example, the Tamil film Billa (2007) had a scene wherein the heroine Nayanthara , in most people's opinion, scorched the screen with a two-piece bikini and went gaga over it. But to me, neither aesthetic nor erotic feelings were aroused. The reasons for which, I don’t want to disclose and make this space more erotic with my descriptions. While the same Nayanthara in the film Vallavan succeeded in MISSION EROTICISM & AESTHETICISM. One example of eroticism is the song Jaadhu Hai Nasha (Jism). I know you're reminded of  the video... No, here, I refer to Shreya Ghoshal's rendering of that song. Wow!!! that was stunning. She sung at her SEDUCTIVE BEST. The best example I could cite for aestheticism would be a Rani Mukherjee or a Meg Ryan. It’s more of the skin that makes one get erotic. And that’s why I guess, a Namitha has huge fan following down south. I’m sorry to say, I just can’t watch her for more than a second and I still wonder how people watch her. And if there’re two ladies whose pictures I can watch on and on, it would be Meg Ryan and Shreya Ghoshal. The very look at their faces spell beauty. Meg Ryan is like wow!!!. Her cute smile with her eyes blossoming with sparkle really makes me go crazy and You've Got Mail (1998) showcased her beauty at its best. My not getting exposed to too much of their skin is, I believe, the only reason which make them arouse in me, the aesthetic feelings alone.

Eroticism, in my opinion is just like any other feeling which elevates a person to the next level of excitement. It’s a feeling to be respected and if there’s anyone trying to show that in poor light, my reply is ‘I’m sorry boss, you’ve got it all wrong’ I would like readers to answer this…What makes parents prevent their children from watching porno? Or rather why boys hide or shy away from parents while watching porno? Is the latter a result of the former? My question might look stupid to a few, but just give a serious thought about it and post your comments. It should end up an interesting discussion. Looking forward..

As I acknowledge my exit from the realms of teenage, I leave a happy man. I enjoyed, knew where my limits lied and stayed well within them (was never austere though). Thank God !!! I never got caught by parents for all wrong reasons unlike many of my friends who have witnessed all miseries. :)

This write-up demanded quite AN INTROSPECTION...must say

Next is my 25th post...time for SILVER JUBILEE celebrations and I dedicate it to all my readers and fellow blogger pals. Watch out for something really interesting. I owe you people, much and would like to extend my thanks well in advance. Thanks a lot !!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tryst with teenage - Part 1

‘What film is this? You’re watching with so much curiosity?’ my mom questioned. It was a Sunday evening and after a long time, I was watching TV non-stop for more than an hour. Categorically, it was a Tamil film that kept me glued and this was what made my mom throw at me, such a question. ‘Maa…the movie is really good…an adventurous-thriller’ I exclaimed. I switched on the TV around 4 in the evening after a cup of coffee and that was when the movie commenced. It unfolded with two youth driving on a Highway and as the car was stopped to make them attend nature’s call, a person (identity concealed) from behind the camera kills both of them with an axe. ‘Huh!!!!! What movie is this???’ I exclaimed to myself. Sun TV replied immediately with a flash, ‘A Film by Arvind’. Yeah…a Tamil film with an English title. That was fashionable a few years back. As it unfolded, every scene had something watchable. An adventurous journey from Chennai to a wooden house in the interior locales of Andhra Pradesh and the hunt for a psycho-killer formed the crux of it. An hour and a half passed when my mom entered the hall. I was glued to the TV set and my mom from behind, was watching the same and cleaning the shelf side by side. Minutes later followed an intimate scene between the lead pair, my reaction to which made me ponder over and finally pushed me to pen down this write-up. Mona Chopra (now Sherlyn Chopra) was dressed in a sleeveless top and mini-skirt whilst the male lead, (a new comer, unsure of his name) bare-bodied was clad in a jean. Mona was enjoying her rub over his chest and he was fondling her lips. They came closer and the space between them, I would say, was almost vacuum-packed. A smooch was expected in next to no time and as the lips were about to get locked, as expected in Tamil films, they moved away from each other and a coyly smile adorned their faces.

When this scene was in progress, I was unmoved and watched it just like any other scene, very much MINDFUL of the fact that my mom was just behind. I profess, the moment I saw Mona entering his room, and from her seductive stance, I got a feeling if such a scene would take place. There was a latent thought which made me wonder if I should change the channel considering the fact that my mom was watching too, but then, I exclaimed ‘Why should I ?’ And I felt, shifting channels may only leave my mom in bewilderment when I get back to the same channel after a while. Also, even if I change, I would be desperate to know if that scene had drawn curtains. This would definitely make me take a glimpse of a few clips of that particlular scene. Hence I didn’t find the need and carried on. All these thoughts flashed and I drew conclusions in a matter of nanoseconds, or atleast microseconds. On this note, I would like to add, my mom seldom accompanied me to a cinema and hence, I’ve never watched such intimate scenes (not uncommon in Indian cinema these days) in her company. Even at home, we rarely watch TV together. Hence, this, I guess was the first instance. I didn’t take notice of this act of mine with so much importance then, but, that night, when I was about to hit the bed, I was reminded of this. I pondered over. Change of channel was the first thing I would have done, a few years back, and a blush with compunction painted all over my face would have followed it up. But I would have felt ashamed for no mistake I had done. That’s where, actors, performing such erotic scenes win over you and it takes time to get back to normal. On retrospection, I found both my reactions (the one I would have done a few years back and the one last Sunday evening) neither shocking nor surprising, but interesting and something to ponder. TESTOSTERONE PROPOSES I DISPOSE befitted both the reactions. was my control over the sex hormones that I guess, resulted in me taking control over the situation, react accordingly and thereby draw conclusions. Now you may wonder what conclusion I drew. Yeah I did!!! I felt, it was time to recognize my exit from the realms of teenage. 

As I pen down this piece, I’m aged 20 years and 188 days and affirmatively, I’m at the doorsteps of the teenage world and it's time to say goodbye to the teenage me. This acknowledgement has made me get into the process of figuring out where that thin, impenetrable blurred line is, separating the stimulation of erotic and aesthetic feelings. If I had made it ‘stimulation of erotic rather than aesthetic feelings’, it would have defined my process in a different and in a manner in which most people think. In the sense, it would have questioned the need for the arousal of erotic feelings and showed eroticism in poor light. Now, whether or not eroticism is a degrading word is not the discussion here (though I admit, it’s one of the topics I would like to think about, sometime later) but what exactly makes it replace aestheticism on most/few (the most/few here, differs from person to person) occasions. As far as my perception of the word eroticism is concerned, I would like to stay neutral as I feel, every feeling is to be respected and each has its own significance. 

Before I start with the discussion, I would like to rewind myself 4 yrs back when I entered teenage with all worldly desires. I would like to look back at my own thoughts, how I perceived things then and how different are my perceptions today. What was my affinity to soft-porn and porno stuff ? Did I ever watch porn ? What influence peers had on me ? Whether my teenage was lived to the fullest ? How do I see myself as I leave the teenage world ? If ever I experienced eroticism ? If ever I experienced aestheticism ? How did I differentiate then ? Lots of questions remain unanswered. After answering and analyzing all these, I’ll draw conclusions. This topic certainly needs much time to jump to right conclusions.

To be continued…..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Expectations.... !!!

‘224', my professor called. 'Absent Sir’ was my reply to the roll-call. That’s the last register number in my class and soon as he finished marking the attendance, I pulled out my mobile from the left pant pocket and the clock showed 1522 hrs. ‘Shit!!’ I exclaimed. The next electric train arrives at 1526 hrs. Before I could finish saying S-H-I-T, I was already at the stairs. I heard a scream ‘ Rajesh!! Wait…I’m coming’. I was in no mood to wait and I ran from my block to the station ( this is the only instance wherein one can see me run…to catch a train)….a 200m stretch and as I reached the gate, I could see the train entering the platform ( a few minutes ahead of scheduled arrival ). The foot-over bridge was completely out of my sight and I crossed the road, ran across the bushes, climbed over the platform, bustled towards the train and boarded the first-class compartment just before the train could depart.

Phew!!!! A relief !!. I looked around the compartment to see it almost empty. At one corner was an average-looking girl, a college-mate of mine. I wondered ‘How long shall I ogle ??? Huh !!! No point sitting here’. I called one of my friends and he said a group of five was in one of the general compartments. Huh !! I decided to travel alone by comforting myself with the mp3 player. As I unzipped my bag, the thought of having lost my earphones, this morning shook me. PANG !!. Only then, was I reminded of the presence of my mobile’s headset ( in one corner of my bag ). I took it out and connected it to my Nokia 6070 and turned on the FM radio. Ever since I bought the mp3 player, I turn snooty at the very thought of listening to radio on my mobile. Yeah !! Supercilious !!! But when things get worse, I ultimately have to get back to it just like this day. FM Radio, My Saviour !!!!

I discovered something during the journey and my discovery could be acknowledged by a few. Some may view it as a ‘Blown-out-of-proportion’ stuff while to most, it would appear déjà vu. Well… as many of you might know, I enjoy even the smallest things around me and the learning process is no different. It was, in my opinion, noteworthy and I’m glad to share it with you.

Coming back, I tuned in to Radio Mirchi first and it was Taxi Taxi. It is, these days, on the lips of every youth - a sensational number from the film Sakarakatti tuned by the Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman. I listened to this number (one of my favorites), then, kept changing stations but never experienced boredom. Atleast one out of the nine FM stations played a favorite song of mine and on most occasions, it was two or three. Being a music addict, I was thoroughly enjoying myself and the likes of Karthik, Hariharan, S.P.B, Chinmayee and many more Tamil singers kept my ears glued to the headset. Half-an-hour passed and as I was changing stations, a thought dumbstruck me. After it's flash across my mind, I inferred what it takes to bridge the gap between EXPECTATIONS and FULFILMENT.

Had my companionship been with the mp3 player that evening, I wouldn’t have been that contented. This may not have been experienced by many but I’m the epitome of this quality. Now why is that ? If it had been my mp3 player, changing of songs is at my will but the same is not applicable while listening to FM radio and I got to accept with what the RJs and producers of the FM stations play. So, when that happens, I’ve no expectations and I’m contented with what is being played. If a favorite song of mine is played, I’m all the more happy. With an mp3 player around, I long for THE BEST and how many BEST songs, you think will suffice to fulfil my expectations ??? I'm greedy for THE BEST everytime and beyond a point, I listen to songs half-heartedly though it might be a favorite song of mine. But when the same song is being played on the FM stations, I look a contented man.

Now, that doesn’t stop me from listening to songs on my mp3 player henceforth. It's just that I’ve learnt to listen to all songs with pleasure. The osmosis inside, has made me reach the equilibrium necessary to transmit from a sense of desire to a sense of fulfilment.

No music - related write-up of mine is complete without a mention of Ms.Shreya Ghoshal. Well…all songs mentioned above / listened on radio that day were non - Shreya tracks. This nightingale, forever holds a special place in my heart and her songs are always THE BEST. . Latest of hers which is making me go overboard is Tere Ore (Singh is Kinng) and Ek Haseena (Karz). The latter deserves a special mention here. Though Shreya is not heard much with Himesh nasal-ling his way through, Shreya’s impact is wow!!!. That one line of hers ‘Roz Milne Lage’ (at 2.22 min) makes me touch the Himalayan heights of enthusiasm everytime I listen to it. Wow!!! What a singer!!!! Love you loads..also worth mentioning here is Shreya's latest Tamil song 'Oru vaarthai' from Poi Solla Porom...another amazing number and it's a listen to it.

Well…something happy to share. I’ve received an award from Divya and it’s there below.

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THE AWARD! and now I nominte these people who i've met through the blogger... thank you for your support and encouragement too folks :)

1. Mona- One of my very good friends, benevolence personified. I’m a big fan of her poems and what not, a dentist-in-the making but above all, a friend I admire.

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