Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chennai CBSE Students- What makes them Very Special?

This is a question to which I ve been thinking about for the last three years ever since I got my admission into PSBB, one of the best CBSE schools in this "Singara" Chennai. I ve been keeping a close watch on the results of the class 12 CBSE exams like you for the last three years and what really surprises me is the amazing performance of the Madras students.They have been topping every time in the pass percentage column.What makes them so special?

The number of students in Madras (I'll use Madras because I love this name and I m wondering how the State Government could change this beautiful name to a sick one - Chennai!!) taking up the CBSE exams in class XII are actually small compared to other places.This can be one of the statements which can attribute to their consistent success.The hunger for success here is actually high as they are competing with a large number of their friends studying in schools affiliated to the State Government. where scoring marks is actually pretty easy as compared to the former..Engineering and Medicine are the only two streams in the minds of most of the students (this very much includes me).The professional exams being conducted in Tamil Nadu (which no one knows whether it ll be conducted or not till the very last moment after crossing all the hurdles possible) is based on the State Board syllabus wherein the manner in which the students are tested is different from what the CBSE students are exposed to.The key factor which separates the two groups is their performance in TNPCEE.

Engineering/Medical college is always there on the students' minds and therefore, in order to perform well in the TNPCEE,the CBSE students try their level best to finish off their school portions as soon as possible .The pressure to perform well and the expectations are always very high in Madras. Sorry for not taking into account the Commerce group students in the above sections.Their number is very small and have not much of an effect. Their performance too is good but are not much there in the scheme of things.

Credit should be given to the students for handling the pressure in a beautiful way.One of the keys to their success are the tuition classes in my opinion. My experience actually speaks here.We have great fun at school and enjoy to the maximum extent possible and then when we go through the text books before exams.....all looks greek & latin..This was the case in class XI. This bad phase was not much to be seen when we started attending tuition classes in XII. So the tuition teachers played a significant role (though not a major one).The contribution of the school teachers in our success I feel is meagre which I believe many will agree with me.When compared to other metros,the distractions are little less in my opinion and the desire to succeed is also high on the minds of the students.

Overall Chennai ( atleast now I should use) students are having a blast everytime the results are announced and I hope this trend continues in the coming years.I m really proud to be part of this.

Note: Not everything mentioned above relates to me as you may think I was also a CBSE student.I ve written this article based on my observations. 

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Usha Pisharody said...

I like the way you introspect, Rajesh. More so, the honesty with which you do :)!!

I agree entirely with your thoughts here; being an ICSE product of decades ago, actually the CBSE syllabus does not really add upto much, but certainly its much much higher in standard than the State Boards, in whichever state they are in. That is a fact!

However your views, you will find are universal, even this day, for students of the science stream, and surprisingly the Commerce as well, for now, you can enroll in the CA foundation programme in the 11th itself.

As a teacher, in a CBSE school, I fully understand the pride that laces your quill:) I too am darned proud of the consistent results turned in, as against the State boards. However I would like to do a bit of nitpicking, if I may:):)!!

This bit:
Sorry for not taking into account the Commerce group students in the above sections.Their number is very small and have not much of an effect. Their performance too is good but are not much there in the scheme of things.

With respect to my earlier remark about Commerce Students, and their motivation and syllabus, I think that it is rather unfair to say that they do not contribute much to the "scheme of things".. LOL!

But then again, that is a typical SC Stream attitude, I find:) I did Science in my plus two, but then of my own volition switched over to BA.. again decades ago, when it was rather scandalous to do so ;)!! So that is why I always make it a point to express my mulish opinion [do forgive me for that:)] when it comes to students who dont belong to the Sc Stream:)

But I really loved this piece of writing! You are an articulate young man! Keep up the Good Work!!!

durga said...

i completely agree with u da..

samma detailed analysis..

CBSE guys r a class apart an their consistent performance cements tht claim as u said..

who knows it better than the both of us?am sure a strong reason fer this article wil defnetly be the emotions u felt wen the both of us were in PSBB..