Monday, June 23, 2008

I have been Tagged !!!

Thanks for tagging me Ani... This is the mother of all articles and perfect for my blog titled 'As I Introspect' as this involves a very big introspection of my life..

6 Whatever's about me

1. I love eating...very selective though...hate all those green vegetables..i prefer the fried ones like potato etc but never over eat...even on those days when we go out for unlimited pizzas, I'm the one to finish first and friends banter me for not making the most of it..they don't understand the fact that it's after all a stomach.. :)

2. I'm this kinda person who wanted to read but the moment I take a book for reading, I doze off and that happens almost every time...eventually I became a person who hadn't cultivated the reading habit.....things do change right???...yeah... with blogging, I started to read my friends' blogs...haha...I do read :)

3. Sometimes I tend to react in a way I hate to...especially while talking to my mom or younger bro...the second I finish my conversation, I ponder over it again and scream to myself " Why the fuck did you react that way? you should have been more're so stupid ".. I fail to think before I speak. That's a bad habit, I admit

4. I'm a music freak..strictly Tamil or Hindi songs... loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Shreya Ghoshal..though my friends forced me to listen to English songs and gave me songs for 2 GB, I somehow found them all boring. The only two songs I loved listening were Shape Of My heart (BSB) and My heart will go on (Titanic)

5. I believe in fate and Karma. Efforts apart, people shall get only what they're destined to. I also feel whatever happens in life is for a reason and that change will be appreciated at the right time.. ( In the film Dasavatharam, I admired Kamal Haasan's novel way of portraying the positive effect of the deadly's hard for anyone to think on those lines...he's truly an optimist)

6. I'm scared of heights... Oh my God!! had a tough time at one of those amusement parks in Cochin...had the heart in my mouth while sitting in one of those rides....hmmm.. ya...I can recollect.. it was called ' The Deadly Dragon '...huh...bull shit...was really DEADLY...that was the first and last ride.. :) ....a nightmare..

5 things I miss in my life right now..

1. My school life at Jawahar Vidyalaya and my JV friends.

2. The tuition classes under Mrs. Shrimathi (Maths, class 10) and Mr. Sundaresan ( Physics, class 12). Also worth mentioning here are the days in high school at PSBB, K.K.Nagar where we used to sit together during lunch and imitate Sundaresan Sir. We laugh laugh and laugh till our stomachs ache.

3. Cycling from home to school in the morning hours...

4. Those early morning cricket matches during summer vacations when we were in school.

5. Of course, the days I spent with My Grandpa who is no more : ( .. Really miss that Gentleman.

10 things I wanna achieve (not exactly achieve but things that I wish for) in a decade

1. Do my GATE exam really well next February and pursue my PG in Industrial Engineering at one of the IITs or NITIE, Bombay

2. Get a job in banking or any sector not related to core Mechanical Engineering.

3. Learn car driving

4. Stay in touch and maintain healthy relationships with all my school and college friends.

5. Fall in love with a girl ( preferably my colleague :) ) .... a ' not-so-fair ' girl with long fingers ( Unlike many guys, I'm not so much attracted to all girls who are very fair in complexion and I love women with long fingers.. :))

6.Get a beautiful flat in an affluent locality in Bangalore and lead an urban life. Adorn the walls of my apartment with landscape paintings and Shreya Ghoshal stills in my bed-room ( I'm sure my wife will accept my first crush in our bedroom...atleast on the walls : D )

7. Buy a hi-fi SONY music system and listen to Shreya Ghoshal songs 24 X 7

8.Meet Shreya Ghoshal, tell her how crazy she has driven me and take a photograph alongside her ( do read the post titled ' Fallen In.....' posted a month back )

9. Preserve my Music library of Tamil and Hindi film songs. They're so very close to my heart.

10.Phew...last one... ( managed to write 9...10th one... lemme think :)) I would like to watch the first day first show of Rajnikanth's next Tamil film (tentatively titled 'Robot')

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ani said...

yess i get to comment first.. lol..

ok let me wish u all the very best for gate and ur pg.. studies is always a good thing.. thats different that we somehow tend to be a bit lazy with it at times.. but then its always good and nice to gain knowledge..

hehe so we have got another foodoholic yehhh..and i know what you mean about talking.. it happens from time to time to me as well.. i guess most of us do that..

Shreya Ghoshal.. hehe no comments.. :) she's good.. that i would agree.. meeting and all that.. nahhh not me.. Say A.R.Rahman would definitly be an YESSS ..

hehe ok.. catch you later.. then.. ciaoo

Preeti said...

Thanx sooo much for tagging me! But I've done this one...Infact i'm the one who combined all of the tags from different people into one and I guess my format of the tag started going around..Hahaha! Not bad huh? I've started something here..Check it out:

And well,I can't believe there is someone in this world who misses tution...U really r an "adasiya piravi" hahaha!

PG in Industrial engg but job in banking sector...Wanna do an MBA also? Orey padips huh???

Rajesh said...

@ Preeti

not really padips n all...have been wasting time this hols....all dreams but will i actually turn my dreams to reality??? thats the BIG question... btw Ind Engi is not al tat technical stuff...its an inter-disciplinary program...

as for tuitions, the fun part there were wow!!!..its not abt homework alone...i enjoyed wit frenz there...u seem to have read only that part of the article concerned wit my career...closed ur eyes and read those lines abt my dream girl???

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

finish first on unlimited pizzas :O!I know its after all a stomach..but taste buds rule our life ...
good luck for ur higher studies :D

Preethi said...

good luck for ur GATE and PG.. Very interesting list of things to do in a decade... falling in love takes the cake!!!

Rajesh said...

@ Vishnupriya
Thanks for ur wishes...somehow I cant eat so much.. I'm ver health-conscious

@ Preethi
Thanks for wishes...I hope a few things click this decade

Priya said...


Thanks for droppin by and Good Luck with your endeavors!

ayushi said...

lol dude,thanx for visiting my blog :)
well,for me everything depends on circumstances:food choice or any other
u seem to b a determined person ,u r even determined to fall in love!

Chandrasekharan said...

self introspection will benefit in a lot of ways da... good job!

it s gr8 to hear that u wanna do IE, but y a bank job ??? :)

Rajesh said...

@ Chandrashekar

IE has applications in all fields....u must b knowing.. infact at NITIE, bombay the IE program offers subjects like accounting etc....hmmm... applications of IE include accounts, finance, IT etc...i prefer banking sector..

K.C. said...

Just popping in and I was addicted to reading all about you.. Very entertaining...

I am so much older.. ancient even.. all of 41.. see?

Enjoyed reading that you can't wait to drive a car.. and now I just told my son's friend who is about to get his driver's liscence that I would pay him to run errands for me, since I am so sick of driving my car...

See, the circle of life goes 'round...


Rajesh said...

@ k.c

Thanks for your comments...keep visiting..

Preeti said...

I read the entire thing da...but these wr what caught my attention u know why??? Cuz anda vayasla dream girl and all MUST be there...illana dan thappu u c...but andha vayasla padipu important nu THAT is something entirely special...that is what is genius' oda identity...hehe...

P.S: U do undestand Tamil right?

Rajesh said...

@ Preeti

Yup.. I'm a tamilian.. I get you...Genius n all is too big a word for me.... I don't deserve such things....ppl shud get serious abt life at some point of time laa?

Preeti said...

If u ask me, id tell u Free aa vidu...Dont take things too seriously and let it get to u...Career, future - it will all come and it will happen when it has to...U work towards it...I was just kiddin u with the genius part da...I dint mean for it to be serious... :)

Rajesh said...

@ Preeti

Thank god...coz that's a big insult to the word 'GENIUS' u said, as i always believe, efforts apart, things will happen when they're destined to :)

My Musings said...

Adorn the walls of my apartment with landscape paintings and Shreya Ghoshal stills in my bed-room ( I'm sure my wife will accept my first crush in our bedroom...atleast on the walls : D )

TAT was really good,
Good luck dude..

Rajesh said...

@ my musings


K.C. said...

I did read the post that you lead me to.. It did make me smile... what a day... Thanks for stopping by and taking the time...

Sorry it had to be on a day that I was a "bit", just a "bit" caught me just as off guard.. Kayce

Shruti said...

nice tag buddy..even i hate green veggies..prefer spicy and fried stuff..sorry for ur grandpa..
nd mostly guys doze off while reading books..i know whole lot of guys who do that..

interesting tag...
happy writing :-)


Wishes for your exams..Ready for driving classes..Hmm that will be fun..Straight road..H-test..
i will do your tag..
me have a new post..
waiting for your comments..

aneesh said...

hey rajesh

it was a gr8 tag dude

u from chennai

check mah blog

K.C. said...

I am completely with you on the green vegetables. And I am 41... I should be old enough now to know that I should be eating better.. but give me pizza anyday.. Kayce

Rajesh said...

@ shruti
thank u....keep visiting..

@ man in painting

sure...will chk out...always a pleasure readin ur blogs...

@ aneesh

welcome to my blog...will surely chk out urs...keep visiting my blog...

@ k.c

lol...that was interesting...i do like pizza but not so much

Shreya said...

hey....nice introsepection...hope u clear ur GATE xam....well u have a weird choice when it cums to girls...i hope u get ur kinda girl...i also sincerely hope ur better half accepts ur crush 4 shreya ghoshal...coz girls generally don't compromise when it cums to sharing dere partner...nywayz all girls r not same den...really a nice nd intresting blog....keep up da good work..cheers

theslasher said...

wow , u hav indeed taken a full length SWOT:). nice one. fun to read.

awesome springs said...

First of all, Good luck for your dreams!

1. Bad boy, you got to read a little. It will improve your concentration.

2. Driving! All the best for your Driving license in India. But don't ever drive a car in front of me, as I'm so afraid to see red lights glowing (break lights).

3. Working for PG in IIT is great. But don't be constrained to one or two institutions. Have you options open, like Princeton (US)- good technology whistles come out from there. If MBA, try preparing for GMAT (don’t ask how much I scored, lol) and try for IIM, LBS (London), Insead (France), Wharton (US), Kellogg (US), Harvard (US). This suits your banking dream. You got to be strong in finance if choosing banking domain. Kellogg school of business (North Western University) is where leading recruiters look for finance whistles.

4. Forget about Sony, Bose and stuff. Try for JBL, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Yamaha, B&W, Macintosh and these kinds of pro systems. Even you can overpower theatres by having these at home in terms of quality of sound. I will write about these in my blog one day.

awesome springs said...

Brake lights, not break lights; lol.

Rajesh said...

@ Awesome Springs
thanks for ur suggestions on my career and music system...eagerly waiting for that blog..welll...what's that first one

'Bad boy, you got to read a little. It will improve your concentration'

awesome springs said...

If you read books you will be a 'Good Boy.' 'Bad boy' was just to be funny on that.

durga said...

well..i know most of those..frm our frenship

but i must say ur goals an longings in life were a revelation..both nice 2 read an a lil surprise here an dere..

i wish an also pray tht u live life d way u want..