Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is the trust vote trust-worthy? What lies ahead?

The UPA government won the trust vote with a clear margin of 19 votes by unethical means, discrediting the Indian Parliament but it’s certainly bound to lose the trust of the people with Lok Sabha elections just a few months away. Getting jailed MPs vote, horse-trading, cross voting, defections made them cross the magical figure of 271 but the sanctity of Indian democracy touched an all time low. The primary issue - Nuclear deal took a backseat and issues like horse-trading, backstabbing took centre stage and made a mockery of the Indian parliamentary process. One thing the UPA has failed to understand is MPs can be lured but definitely not the people of India. Having lost the support of the Left, the UPA formalized opportunistic alliances with parties that had their eyes only on money and power. These MPs and smaller parties hardly knew about the details of the nuclear deal but were keen on making hay while the sun shone. Mr. Shibu Soren back as cabinet Minister is the height of opportunistic indecent politics and if that happens, Lok Sabha will become a place worse than a brothel. This trust vote session clearly portrayed a group of Indian politicians discussing an Indo-US nuclear deal, failing to even vote correctly using the electronic system. Fifty four MPs voted on slips and it was pathetic to see 4 MPs abstaining. Are we not in the 21st century ? Parliamentarians can throw values to winds just for the sake of monetary gains and if sources are to be believed, Ms. Mayawati priced a SP MP at 28 crore but Mr. Amar Singh, not so lavish, priced a BJP MP at 3 crores. It is a pity that foreign policies and issues like the Indo-US deal were reduced to the level of street politics. Comrades who called themselves natural allies became enemies (Congress-Left) and parties that had such a bitter relationship between themselves became friends overnight (Congress-SP). One should not be surprised if the equations drastically change before the next LS polls because, anything can happen in Indian politics and there are no permanent friends or foes - all opportunists.

The display of wads of currency by BJP MPs, who claimed they were offered money to abstain from voting, was a shame on the entire nation. Backstage dealings to save/bring down the government were always on the cards but none expected currency notes to make its way into the Indian Parliament. Decorum in the Indian Parliament has continually been on the decline and hence we’ll have to wait and watch if this is the worst scenario ever or if anything much worse than the worst of today is to follow. It was indeed disappointing to see Mr. Advani permitting the display of cash forgetting his cliché that BJP is a party with a difference. Another betrayal of one’s own credentials was the precipitous fall of Manmohan Singh’s political credibility. He, as an individual maybe a man of integrity but has tarnished his image as a politician by striking opportunistic alliances and being part of the horse-trading activities. Being an economist himself and with Mr. Chidambaram as the Finance minister, they have collectively failed to tackle the galloping inflation. Most political parties in India have tunnel visions but they just don’t seem to look beyond their self-interest and it’s a pity that the ruling party has failed to feel the pulse of the people. Is this Indo-US deal, the need of the hour that a trust-worthy trust vote had to be carried out to validate the stability of the government ?

Ms. Mayawati and the members of today’s UNPA (I won’t be surprised if it gets defunct tomorrow) claim their party to be the only alternative but one should accept the fact that Mayawati voted against the Indo-US deal not because she had credible arguments against it but she just couldn’t digest the Congress connection with the SP. In my opinion, the UNPA has ‘United’ just for namesake ( an intended pun ). First instance of this was seen when the AIADMK violated the decision to abstain from voting during the Presidential elections. The latest to join the bandwagon is the SP which has joined hands with the UPA (as of now). UNPA is, I opine, a safe place for regional parties to maintain a neutral stand, equidistant from both the BJP and the Congress. They don’t have to run behind national parties for alliance but when the latter knock its door for support, they shall quit the shelter and make full use of their opportunism. It’s well exemplified by the SP’s decision to tie-up with the Congress and a few months from now, one shall expect a similar shake of hands between the AIADMK and BJP. Ironically, a few months back, Ms. JJ and Mr. Amar Singh called themselves to be the best of pals but come next LS elections, one shall see them on opposite camps exchanging verbal duels.

In my observations, the BJP never seemed so much interested in this trust vote and it had to vote against the N-deal just because it took the opposition chairs. Had the UPA been defeated, credit would have gone to Mayawati for stabilizing the opposition by bringing together, the Left, TDP and other smaller parties. In fact, the UPA’s victory in the trust vote is for sure, a blessing in disguise for the NDA’s prospects in the General elections - reasons aplenty. The UPA will be forced to give a Cabinet post to Shibu Soren which will definitely be viewed with a contentious eye and adding to this, it’s not possible to bring down the inflation rate drastically in just a period of five-six months. If the sting operations carried out by TV news channels depict the ugly face of the Congress- SP alliance, it’s something the BJP will warmly welcome and that’ll surely up the people’s ante against the UPA government. The last thing the BJP would want is the shameful act by three of its MPs (displaying wads of currency) to affect their chances in the next polls.

What lies ahead?

Maximum affected by the outcome of this trust vote are the Left parties and I’m sure, the Left high command is still finding out ways to define its presence in the LS. Sitting along with the Congress will make no sense and if they sit with the BJP, won’t it make the communists communal ? The Left is already upset over Lalu’s sarcastic remarks about its voting along with the BJP and hence, they’ll wish for no LS sessions before the next General elections, or at least before they could vindicate their stand. At times, it gets funny when you are forced to think on these lines as a writer. One should also take note of the Left’s inconspicuous indulgence in horse-trading or cross-voting or abstentions though I admit, backstage incidents could have just been the opposite. The Left policies may not be acceptable in today’s world, but I’ve always felt, they are a set of politicians upholding their dignity. Unlike opportunistic parties like the DMK, the Left never demanded for ministerial berths and they maintained the same stand for the last four years. Mr. Somnath Chaterjee admirably conducted the proceedings and he deserves special appreciation for having remained the speaker defying his party whip. Hats off Sir !!. The Left parties made their stand clear on the N-deal right from its inception. Now, with the Left booted out from the UPA, the N-deal is sure to be carried forward with no hindrance. As was evident, the sensex surged in points and one can expect more reforms with private sector interference. Let’s see if Mr. Singh is made to work like a PM in the days to come after his allegation last night that the Left wanted him to be their bonded slave. The BJP, I’m sure will have kept its ears wide open to these comments as they will prove to be an icing on the cake during their campaign against Mr. Singh for the next LS elections. It will be interesting to watch if the UPA is able to make amends for its maladministration in the last four and a half years

Mr.Singh is King today but will he succeed in holding onto the throne 10 months hence ?


mona said...

so very true... politicians will b politicians after all.. hope ur article stirs d common man to make d right choice.. it is certainly an eye-opener... i m glad d youth of today is actually handling such issues.. good job!!! well written!

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

wonderfully written. . . but the fact remains they are politicians and politicians will always play dirty politics and human beings will always love money. . so we would always have one corrupt government after another :(

joiedevivre said...

dat the reality of indian politics.

Ayushi said...

the fact that our country's fate was decided by short-sightedness is indeed sad,but at the same time,the fluke hit the right place, the N-Deal's good for the nation, and the Left dusnt want it coz US stands for democracy and already has too much power in its hands(but arent we getting the benefit as well?,can we stake our country's growth just so that the other doesnt rise?),the UPA was quite clear of its stand and reasons:twas only the left causing insubtle problems

durga said...

being a fellow UPA critic an NDA fan myself , cant help but endorse rajesh's views 'ere.

the fact tht politics is lwayz dirty an tht politicians r fork-tounged traitors is a universal truth..sumthing like Newton's Law Of no surprises there.

but d blatant show af bank notes in parliament has set a new 'benchmark' in India's political jus like my buddy 'ere am quite disgusted..

an Mayawati..wel..i jus wish tht her life expectancy is well below tht of an avg Asian far as Amar singh goes i dream he be left at the hands of the Israeli Mossad..

summing it all up i wud b happy if Manmohan and his 'inflation,nuke deal-savvy' govt b given d boot in the 15th G.E...

a dream cum true na..rajesh?
wish u had neglected wise judgement an used stronger words in ur write-up jus 2 please strident souls like me

Long Live NDA..esp the BJP an Lal an Atal!!!

Shruti said...

well, for the first time in my life, i actually watched a parliament session and was soooooo pissed with the behavior of our so called "politicians"
ur article is truly an eye opener for those who are fooled by them...
India, known as the largest democracy, hah!! i spit on the faces of those who cant maintain the dignity of a country like ours!
ur post was true to the core..
Thumbs Up To You Buddy

Chandrasekharan said...

I share the sense of anger and irritation towards politicians...

"One thing the UPA has failed to understand is MPs can be lured but definitely not the people of India." - Sadly, it is no so, Rajesh... Most of the educated people dont vote at all and then rest of the villagers and other common people are easily lured by election time promises... Just think, we, the people of TN know that both DMK and ADMK are good for nothing etc embezzling funds. But, still, people elect them only (and that too based on colour TVs and stuff). The problem is that we forget tooooooooo easily...

And with respect to the Trust vote, shame on us... Our country's future was in the hands of (and is still in the hands of) MP s who have been aquitted of every possible crime in the world. SHAME ON CONGRESS...

PS: try to make your articles a bit shorter. That would enhance the charm...

Chandrasekharan said...

its not 'etc embezzling funds'

Its 'except embezzling funds'

RiverSoul said...

Polititians need to clean up their act.
Well documented post, Rajesh,
Keep it up.

Anindita said...

Theatre of the obscure!

Our bloody politicians have turned the entire scenario into a bloody, free for all revelry. These money and power crazy pigs who we call politicians have made the entire trust vote and Parliamental proceedings look like a joke! Name calling, accusations, drama, money... You name it and it was there! :|

For the first time, I was seriously ashamed to be called an Indian! :(

Anindita said...

Ohh.. And you have got my name wrong in your blogroll! Please do the honours! :)

Thanks. ^^

Rahul Sengupta said...

All these parties are same .....only they have got different pets!

Congress- Aam Admi + secularism

BJP- Ram + Hindutva

Left- Anti Americanism + globalization & liberalization

All human beings are also same........they all suffer at the hands of politicians.

Priya said...

Quite introspective and true about politicians. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Very true.
Brilliant post...
waiting for your story.

Anu said...

Wow,, that was so indepth.. thank you!! I miss India politics and catch snatches in te news.. Indian politics cannot be predicted even a day before the elections. People think with how much money can each party give them now, instead of what these guys are going to do when they reach power.. I think we have to change our thinking, because its sure that the politicians certainly wont

alex paul k said...

it was so very disgustin 2 c wat happened on 21st n 22nd on Tv

it ws shame on the so called democracy.i wished as u rightly pointed out the PM would abstain from thse rotten stuff n show his integrity by nt resortin 2 tie up with criminals 4 d sake f this deal

though i strongly believe d nuclear deal shud b on

very well written

Aayushi..^ said...

Politicians are elected by people like us!
shouldn't we be ashamed to blame them when our country is going down in the dumps?

my name is can have it as Aayushi in yr blogroll rather than chemerical thoughts.


Ferrin B said...

woohoo! politics. um, not really my topic of interest. but i DID read the first 2 paras, now where is my reward?

ps. i was manmohan side tho. victory dance.

Ferrin B said...

woohoo! politics. um, not really my topic of interest. but i DID read the first 2 paras, now where is my reward?

ps. i was manmohan side tho. victory dance.


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