Thursday, October 15, 2009

An open letter to Shreya Ghoshal

This is my 50th blog post and I couldn't think of a better post than this.

To: Shreya Ghoshal
Subject: An innovative suggestion

Dear Shreya,
Hope you are doing fine. Seeing the subject, you would be curious to know what innovative a suggestion you are to receive from this die-hard fan. But just as I start to type the body of the letter, there's a second thought if this is REALLY innovative. There's a good chance of you having already received such a suggestion. Nevertheless, this idea struck me last evening, and after some analysis and thought, I thought I'll e-mail you about this. Along with the myriad songs that flood my computer hard disc and mobile phone, I have a collection of all your videos also (downloaded from youtube) - from your Sa Re Ga Ma Pa days to the recent concert at Digboi. I watch them whenever I want to seek inspiration.
Last evening, I was minutes away from leaving home to the institute where I conduct aptitude training classes for people taking the bank exams. Since I had to teach a challenging concept, I thought I'll seek inspiration from your videos, get reinvigorated and attend the session, all charged up. I watched your rendition of 'Kaatril Endhan' at the Ilayaraja Concert held in Dubai in Jan 2009. It was just amazing! The first time you sang it on-stage was in Chennai when you mispronounced 'Thedudhe' as 'Thodudhe', and later, the crowd gave you a big round of applause when you finally corrected yourself. Raja Sir followed it up with a wonderful talk. Now, coming back, I could really identify the difference in both the renditions - in terms of your body language, pronunciation, and the confidence - and your rendition at the Dubai concert was impeccable, to say the LEAST.
I know I'm not in any way qualified to rate your performances or point out areas where you had erred. But, let me tell you, when I did analyze both of your performances, I could infer many a things. Being an MBA aspirant, it's important I analyze things and develop rational thinking. In all these years, you would have heard many of your fans, including me, tell you, "SHREYA, YOU INSPIRE ME". Now, "why you inspire us?" The answer to this is subjective, and it differs from one individual to another.
But, people learn a lot from you, and that makes them idolize you. I'll give you an example. Watch the video wherein you receive your first Filmfare award in 2003. Just watch the manner in which you address the audience. That was too much for you then, and you even thank your brother for that. I don't mean to say that your brother would not have helped, but it's a sign of your homeliness. In the sense, your world was still restricted to the 4 walls of your house, and that the exposure was less, then. But, when I watch you receive the 2009 Kannada Filmfare Award, it's just amazing! You seemed to have walked up stage as though the award for you was always on the cards, and that you were expecting it. But when you do collect the award from the jury, a sense of humility paints your face and the same gets reflected in the short speech you give. Now, from this, I learn that ONE IMPROVES WITH TIME ONLY, and that ONE NEEDS TO MAINTAIN THAT RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN SELF-CONFIDENCE AND HUMILITY. You embody both.
I think I went completely off-track (happens with me whenever I think about you and your music - I ramble quite a lot). Now, coming back, that rendition of 'Kaatril Endhan' was amazing and only someone as genius as Raja Sir could pick the right song for you. Truly, he is a GENIUS! You won't believe, I was humming that song all the way to the class last evening. For more than 10 minutes! Such a heavy traffic it was, at 6.15 in the evening, but, that couldn't stop me from humming though. Such was the impact of your rendition - flawless, as I always say, with regard to your diction. And after I came home later in the night, I listened to the original version by S Janaki. To be honest, I couldn't find one aspect of the original composition being compromised. I generally am a lover of the ORIGINALS only.
In fact, I strongly feel that the Hindi remake of Ghajini was no better than the Tamil one, the performances in particular. Surya rocked but Aamir was just OK (I'm a big fan of Aamir though) I feel, only you can revisit the 80s, provide the modern feel and at the same time, make no compromise on quality. As we all know, you are Raja sir's most favourite singer among contemporaries. And so, I feel, if you can put in a little effort towards this, you can bestow your Tamil fans with the best gift we would ever crave for - an album containing a few of the wonderful compositions of the 80s of Raja Sir, revisited by the ONE and ONLY SHREYA GHOSHAL. I'm sure the present generation will lap it up and the album CDs will sell like HOT CAKES. I bet on that. Album name could be 'Shreya Ghoshal revisits the 80s'.
Any singer can revisit the 80s and provide the modern feel BUT ONLY YOU can pull it off with no compromise on quality. To be honest, you did outscore S Janaki Madam in a few aspects, the diction in particular. I really mean what I say, and I say this, not as a Shreya Ghoshal fan but as a music lover. You yourself have acknowledged the fact that I'm a BIG music lover (remember your autograph for me?) and so, you have to believe my words. I'm sure Raja Sir will not object to this idea. You are his darling, I know. His compositions in the 80s are just amazing! and I'm sure compositions as original and as mellifluous as them can never be emulated. Hence, as a tribute to Raja Sir, you can work on this and deliver an album, which we fans are eagerly awaiting. I know 'TIME' is a factor - you really are busy with other projects but please do think about this suggestion. No other contemporary female playback singer has got a fan base in the South as strong as yours. As you tweeted yesterday, "I think this can be an incentive to really do all the things in life which u really wished to but didn't have guts or time for". Please overlook the 'TIME' factor and please make it happen before 2012. I wish to buy such an album.
The same could be done even for your own songs sung between 2002-2006. When one listens to Tum Jo Ho Kareeb (Three) now, one can realize how mature your voice has turned. And this particular song, I feel, is one of your best songs in 2009, apart from the many others. Just imagine what impact this mature voice can have on a song like Agar Tum Mil Jao or Jaadhu Hai Nasha or Aye Meri Zindagi. We did enjoy that teenager-ish voice in the original versions. That was, in fact, best enjoyed in songs like Tum Hai Jo Meine Dekha (Main Hoon Naa) and Shikdum (Dhoom). But this is something we fans are eagerly looking forward to. Hope you get time for these as well.

Just think about my suggestions. I really wish God gives you 48 hours a day to enable you satisfy the wishes of all of your fans.

Take Care. Hoping to get a positive reply.
On behalf of all of your fans, I wish you a Happy and safe Diwali. May your life become as colourful as the 'FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS'. May God bless you!




Amrita Tripathy said...

but my fav is mere dholna from bhool bhulaiya.. just the best... exclude DEVDAS, which is extra-ordinarily outstanding...

not to forget the classic from JISM...!! she is next Lata didi i say.