Thursday, October 02, 2008

Words that kissed me


~You’re coming back home after a tiring journey on a sunny afternoon and your mom welcomes with a glass of chill fruit juice. How does it feel??

~ How did it feel while you first watched the climax of Dil Chahta Hai when Aakash surprises Sid with ‘Aaj Abi Isi Waqt…just turn around’? Was it not a scene epitomizing friendship? Was it not a realistic portrayal of what true affection is?

~ Not knowing what to do, you sit by the window to watch tiny water droplets kissing the ground on a rainy day and just then, your lover calls to say ‘I Love You darling’. How does it feel? Does it not flutter your hormones nay electrify your nerves?

The above situations could be experienced by anybody and something everybody could relate to. Above all, the second person in the above situations is people who mean a lot and with whom, you share a close bond….be it your mom, friend or lover. They, on most occasions, mean the world to you. Could one experience happiness any better? How does one measure joy? Is it, in any way, related to its staying power?  Is there a superlative degree to ‘Happiest’? I don’t have answers to these questions. But I did experience a joy which I never have, in the past and that made me ponder over the questions. Those few moments when I experienced that joy will forever, be part of the air I breathe.

I’ve described my blog 

‘Life is not about the breath we take, It’s about the moments that take our breath away…I enjoy every moment of my life’. 

But what, when moments are always part of the breath you take in? Don’t you enjoy every breath you inhale and find life happy like never before? Does it not culminate to a feel ‘Happier than Happiest’? When that happens, in my opinion, you feel like running to the terrace of the world’s tallest building, look at the sky, wink at the stars, rocket a flying kiss to the moon and tell God ‘ Thanks for incarnating me in this world….I owe you lots’. I felt like doing that on Oct 1st at 1845 hrs and here I am, posting this article exactly 24 hours after I first breathed that joy.

What’s special about the day nay that moment? Here I go…….

It was around 6.30 in the evening; I was watching TV for a while and after some time, started experiencing boredom. Hence, I switched to the best alternative - surfing the net. My pc was turned on, followed by the windows media player. I played ‘Munbe Vaa’, one of my most favorite songs. Next, I turned on the modem, waited for a while and then logged in to 

I entered:

Username: coolrajesh88
Password: ************

To my left, it read 675 unread messages in my inbox. The comments people post in my blog get forwarded to my inbox and I just leave them unread. I moved my cursor to the inbox, clicked on it and left my room for a glass of water. The song ‘Munbe Vaa’ was being played, and thinking of Shreya Ghoshal, I sipped water and strolled my way back to the room, and as I sat on the chair, I was shocked on seeing a name in my inbox. A comment had been posted by 

S-H-R-E-Y-A G-H-O-S-H-A-L.

I was dumbstruck, completely bowled over. To be honest, I pinched my arms to confirm if it was reality because I have dreamed of meeting and exchanging pleasantries with her. I wondered if it was my heartthrob Shreya Ghoshal and hence, rubbed my eyes to verify if it was actually that name appearing on screen or was it just an illusion. I clicked on the subject of that message and moved to the next window. She had read my article ‘Fallen in Love with someone I’ve never met’ and left a comment at 1820 hrs and I happened to read at 1845 hrs. As I was reading her comment, the song ‘Munbe Vaa’ was still in progress and if you didn’t know, it was this song which made me fall for her. It was indeed, ‘LOVE AT FIRST HEAR’. What a co-incidence!!!!!

The playing of this song then, added to the emotions I was going through. I was on cloud 9999999999999……….….tends to infinity. I read her comment very fast that I just couldn’t wait for the next word she had typed. As I was reading, I seemed totally blind, deaf and dumb to everything around me and even had a bomb exploded in my locality, I would've failed to come to terms with it. I read her comment at least 5 times on and on as I just couldn’t believe my eyes and at the end of it, I found my cheeks moist. Yeah!!!! Tears had indeed, rolled out of my eyes which I actually have failed to realize having got lost in her words. Her words had kissed my cheeks and I believe, tears had rolled down just to emote that feeling. Is it not an indication of true love? Doesn’t this validate the purity of love? It is love sans infatuation or lust. I never have experienced so much joy and it will remain indomitable. It could only be bettered by a feeling which I, for sure, will experience while I meet her someday. I wish for that to happen soon. I just can’t wait for that to happen. Nevertheless, I’m happy for the fact that she’s aware of one Rajesh living in Chennai and that he’s waiting to meet her. Also she’s read every word I had written and that by itself is an achievement. It feels great!!

A food for thought…they say ‘Nothing is impossible in life’. This experience of mine clearly substantiates. Even in the wildest of my dreams, I never expected her to take notice of my write-up and read. She’s read and even posted a comment which was something totally unexpected, to be honest.

So friends!!! Let’s work whole-heartedly with full dedication, and we’re sure to make even the negative positive. Sounds an oxymoron? Well, just think about it. It’s something for all of us to realize if we haven’t, in the past.

Here is her comment on ‘Fallen in Love with someone I’ve never met’. Hers is the 43rd -THE MOTHER OF ALL COMMENTS. Do read it. Also read my heart-felt reply.

Shreya’s was a comment which, in my opinion, was bigger than that write-up of mine. The purpose of the article was served and the script couldn’t have been written any better. No reader’s visit, other than the Melody Queen Shreya Ghoshal herself could have made me happier. 

We bloggers, post comments for articles written, but here I am, writing this article for a comment posted. Is it not ironical? Does it not indicate the height of my craze for her? 

Ms. Shreya Ghoshal, are you listening to my craze??????


ANWESA said...

i'm too glad to read ur post..out of words..may u meet her soon....

Rajesh said...

I'm even more glad that U read was a gr8 feeling to see her read

everything burns... said...

cool... and also shows that shes humble n all...great goin.... n btw shes lucky too u knw...coz all th ppl i love n appreciate...i cant imagine goin on n on abt them as much as u do abt her....

Rajesh said...

Yup....please don say my craze makes her lucky...too big a word...she's a LEGEND-IN-THE-MAKING and yeah...too humble and kind enough to drop in and post comments. I was so so happy

Mimo said...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHREYA GHOSHAL commented on your blog???????? OHHHHHH MYYYY GAAAWWWDD!!!!!!!!! Man you are ONE LUCKY CHAP!!!!!!!!! There can't be a bigger honour..... Hats off to you!!

Express said...

omg omg omg OH MY GOWD!

could I be more happy 4 u?

sleepless at chennai was 1 post and this is another!
I am proud, absolutely proud of having u on my blogey-roll!!

:-) :-) :-)

Rajesh said...

Oh!!! So there's one post that has equalled Sleepless at chennai??? M happy...Phew!!!!

Oh!!! U r proud of me??? What more do i expect from Shatabdi??? M touched :) :)

Sakshi said...

Lucky you!

Divya said...

omg!!!! you're like.. one lucky lucky mega lucky dude!! shit!! im still awestruck! and wow.. shreya ghoshal is one helluva woman!

Rajesh said...

Yup...was so so her comment here??? I was like shocked...

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

Ah u lucky lucky man

waise true...kuch bhi ho sakta hai... so nvr gipe up hope :)

I am a fan too... her voice is lovely isnt it? SO memerizing

Rajesh said...

@Me mini
Yup...too good...feeling great..

mani said...

Whoa... Wish u meet her soon at a hotel and am in the next table seein her :)Love letter ezhudhu machi nee pesama.. :) great da... really happy for u... and so so jealous :( :) :)

Rajesh said...

Thanks a lot da...If i happen to meet her for a 2nd time, I'll surely take me with u :)

Ani said...


u finally got ur wish come true.. well one of ur wishes rather ;)
well am sure u r soooo happpyy about it.. am so happy for u.. i hope u do get a chance to meet her as well..

and yup keep u the good work dear.. am sure if u do the write up for others even they will respond back.. and this was a really touching post.. could see how touched u were by the gesture..

yaaayyy she commented.. :)

Rajesh said...

Yeah...m so so so so so happy...was just a great feeling...u know...was dumbstruck...n what not???? Wow!!!! It was magic...shud say

Ani said...

hehe am sure it was..
hehe am so happy for u..

i can imagine u pinching urself.. and then jumping up and down.. lol..

Rajesh said...

Lol....I was so lost u know???? that I dint even sense the tears rolling down...for a moment, I dint know what was happening...glad I cud express to an extent here...

Ani said...

u did..
thats why i said i could see how touched u were.. :)

Rajesh said...

Welll...well....her comment has become a sloka for me and I keep chanting every now n then...I keep reading and feeling ahppy...

It's a feel-good tonic for me...whenever I feel like let down or depressed, I'll read her words and get energized :) :)

Ani said...

hehe its good..
but just dont get overboard.. u can do better than this..
everyone always has got some scope for improvement.. dont forget that..

Rajesh said...

@Ani step is meeting her...will work towards that :)

anyways gotta go...bye

Vivek said...

All I will say is heh heh heh :-) (you know) Am seeing myself when I met her for the first time.....very well written...the one where Shreya posted a comment and this one too.

Tara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vivek said...

And she is not a legend in the making dude....she is A LIVING LEGEND!!!!

Tara said...

Hey, now that's some great news! Congratulations! And when you meet her, do convey my regards! :)

gaurangi said...

lucky chap...

Rajesh said...

@Vivek've nothing mopre to say but then she still is a LEGEND-IN-THE-MAKING...make no mistake

Rajesh said...

Definitely....don worry...hope i meet her soon...very soon

yeah...i was LUCKY...hope i get luckier to meet her soon

RiverSoul said...

What bigger honour for a soldier, than to serve for the king?
My God.
This is unreal. I'm amazed. Can it really be her?
Your work gets published.
Shreya visits your Blog.
What next?
I'm really really happy for you.
May you meet her someday.
And with luck like yours, i'm sure the day won't be far off when you'll be spotted in a chocklit shoppe with shreya sitting across you.

enchanted illusionz said...

luks lik u don lack luck, wow! 1st ur post gettin published , nw shreya commenting ...may u meet her soon too..

& boy i luvd de way u expressed ur joy..u wer almst talkin a poets language

Rajesh said...

yeah...I just hope we meet soon... Want a DATE actually...lets see :)

Oh!!! U liked it??? I see...poets language ah??? Was it??? Thought I'm bad at poetry...lemme try out a poem soon now that I've got encouraging comments from a poet :)

Prashant Sree said...

Hi man,

Feel glad for you !! :) To get acknowledgement from ur idol is indeed a blissful experience...

Keep Smiling !


Anu said...

hey Congrats.. its lovely when someone you admire responds to you.. bask in it as long as you can!

Shruti said...

awww.. thats sweet.. again I'll say.. mr. Rajesh, you have a very strong luck!! :) yaar.. i wish Amy Lee reads my blog someday..

Rajesh said...

Yeah....very tru...felt really really great...dunno if I'll ever experience so much joy

ya..lucky indeed...lets see if i can get luckier and meet her soon..

Don worry...Amy Lee will surely read one day...m hopeful.

Nishant said...

Congratulations Rajesh.
I hope i also get such a surprise from MY GOD SHREYA GHOSHAL ?:)

Btw,very nice posts Rajesh :)

Rajesh said...

@Nishant surely will meet her soon...I wish U good luck

and yeah...thanks for the compliments

Nishant said...

My pleasure :)

Still thinking said...

Perseverance prevails! :)
I hope you meet her very soon dear coz I know how much this means to you.

I'm happy for you, you know that right? :)

Rajesh said...

@Still Thinking
Yeah...hoping to...lets see wat is in store for me...but I'm confident I'll meet her soon

Tara said...

Blog updated...waiting to know what you think :)

mona said...

lovin sumone gives us immense joy... n it becomes more magical if it reaches dat sumone... it is a realy beautiful feelin to kno dat u r loved n m sure shreya must b feelin lucky to kno dat she has an admirer like u... !!! m realy happy for u n all i can say dat ur devotion to her has paid off...relish dis moment forever... keep smilin.. may all ur wishes come true!!!!

joiedevivre said...

sombody is really hapyy..

¢яŷştąŁ said...

You're still as honest as always..

Remember me? :)

Priya Joyce said...

u r very lucky ra.. really to get a mail frm a person as such feels gr8
and I love the style of ur writing it simply strikes.

Usha Pisharody said...

You know Rajesh, that post of yours is a firm favourite:) And to have brought the inspirer of that post down to meet it, is a sort of miracle...:) the best part is: Miracles do happen! That is my firm faith and belief.. it's like Paulo Coehlo writes in the "Alchemist" : If you want something badly enough, the entire universe conspires to bring it to you.

"Dream, reach, believe
All it takes in faith"

Loved this post too! You joy is tangible, in these words!

God Bless!

That you will meet her is certain. Only remains to be seen , when:)

nikkita said...


u lucky chap...!!!
so finally the dream gurl cumz out of dream....congratz...dude!!

um glad...she did..i pray tat u meet her soon... updated!!

Rajesh said...

thanks mona....i jus hope ur wishes come true one was truly a moment i wud cherish all ma life... and yeah...m devoted to her and thats wat paid off..

Rajesh said...

@Joie de vvire
Yup,...m very very happy

Yeah...yup...m honest to my blogger world...and yeah I do u??? Looong time... Welcome back

Rajesh said...

yeah...m indeed lucky...feels really great...hoping to meet her very soon...

and yeah thanks for appreciating my writing skills...keep coming

Rajesh said...

yeah...i remember...fallen in love was one of the first posts u read here...and yeah....the inspirer of that dropped in here which ws a miracle...must say

Glad u liked....words from ppl like u really pushes me to get better with time...thanks a lotttt

Rajesh said...

Thanks for ur prayers....I too hope i meet her really soon...lets w8 n watch...

on my way to ur post

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

many miles yet to cover...many milestones waiting to be achieved. this one is an achievement of a beautiful milestone of urs journey.

keep going. many more accolades are waiting for u.. do ur job from ur heart. achievement, accolades and success will follow u. isin't d comment by Shreya Ghoshal a strong proof of that?

congrats and all d best dear friend.

take care :)

Rajesh said...

Yeah...hoping for the same...lets see...this was jus 1 of the many as u said....

thanks 4 ur wishes.. :)

SMRITI said...

Ah its such a wonderful feeling, isnt it? Reminded me of my experience of watching Kimi in flesh and blood, less than 50 feet away from me...I was totally dumbstruck. And you got acknowledges by your idol...just wonderful. I hope you get to meet her in person.

Take care...cheers!! :)

Rajesh said...

Oh!!! Thanks a lot...U watched Kimi from close quarters?? How come??? bee to a F1 race??? Great..

wish I meet Ms.Ghoshal soon :)