Thursday, December 25, 2008

The only Chemistry I loved

“Re-write your Statement of Purpose (SoP). This is how you have to go to the US”, I quipped to my friend, a MS aspirant seated next to me. “Wow! See this guy. He’s truly a Man-on-a-Mission”, I continued unable to keep a check on my emotions. These excited remarks had a tinge of envy attached to it and deservedly, I was experiencing and watching something lovely. The reasons backing my emotions were quite preternatural and I wondered if fantasy could actually meet reality. If it could, then Life would be adored with an unprecedented beauty. As a reader, if you’re wondering where I was experiencing these wonderful emotions, it was the first show of the Tamil film ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ featuring Surya and Sameera Reddy.

The protagonist is on his way to the US in search of his dream girl who’s pursuing MS at Berkley University, California. It was at this moment when I asked my friend to re-write his SoP to land in the US. The scenes that unfold on his arrival at California till intermission is a must-watch for any romantic movie buff. Though it’s quite hard to accept the storyline, it doesn’t contradict reality as much as the scenes in today’s movies where our so-called Heroes fly with agility from one skyscraper to another. Coming back to the movie, it’s a sincere attempt by a 20 year old Engineering graduate to SWEEP HIS GIRL OFF HER FEET. Being a 20 yr old Engineering graduate, I could relate to Surya’s emotions quite easily and to be honest, I felt it was worth the bucks to go in search of her. To the eyes of a 20 yr old, Sameera Reddy is buxom, full of life and creates a pang at your heart.

As soon as Surya landed at Sameera’s apartment and especially the moment after she offered him accommodation at her place, I exclaimed to myself ‘I really have something to watch if not experience’. To be honest, this kind of a life is what every teenage guy would love to lead, in a city as cosmopolitan as California and with a woman as sexy as Sameera. Hats off to the director and especially Surya for having cinematographed those scenes quite beautifully and it was indeed aesthetic. Surya deservedly, has carved a niche for himself as the Chocolate Boy of Tamil cinema. As he rightly admitted in one of the scenes “Spending 90 days with a girl in the US was as refreshing as an Ilayaraja song”. I’ve opined to quite a few of my friends (girls) that they look prettier in white salwars and this opinion of mine has been acknowledged by many when they've worn the same. On watching Sameera (clad in whites), on her way to Surya’s home, I exclaimed to myself “Will it ever happen to me?” Those whites were an icing on the cake and made Sameera more gorgeous.

The song “Adiyae Kolludhey” is beautifully pictured and the REFRESHING CHEMISTRY between the lead pair makes it a must-watch for any teenager. Admiring his girl’s beauty while she’s asleep, hugging the pillow on which she slept, added aestheticism to the already existing beauty of the scenes. Accompanying her almost everywhere she went, remaining jobless and staying in the same apartment by neither earning nor spending a penny, Surya has reveled in the belief ‘All is fair in love and war’. The scene where he accompanies her in the cab while she’s on her way for a project work was mind-blowing and it was too romantic a scene. I’ve always felt that romantic scenes best reach the audience when portrayed implicitly and it was a decent attempt by the lead pair. Beyond a point, I started to envy the man so hard that I wanted him brutally murdered because he seemed to have enjoyed much more than what was expected. Such was their love and it was well substantiated in the scenes.

Being chemistry avert, this was one exception I marveled at.

I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy and a Prosperous 2009 and sincerely wish to receive your continued support.


mou said...

being a hopeless romantic myself, i loved the plot :D...and yup! ultimately all is fair in love and war...would love to watch this movie, though language would be a bit of a barrier i guess...and i agree, white accentuates the beauty...somebody had rightly said "beauty lies in simplicity"...

happy 2009 :)...cheers!

ANWESA said...

well,another side of ur personality was revealed 2 me by this post.hope u get ur girl in white sumtym.

Anu said...

I thought the Sameera-Surya romantic thread was taken very well too..hope that you get your girl in a white salwar soon

Happy new year to you too :)!

Rajesh said...

that was lies in simplicity and's definitely worth watching the movie (with sub-titles) at least till intermission...go watch it...that ll start 2009 on a REFRESHING note.. :) :)

Rajesh said...

Could u tel me wat was revealed?? or rather wat did u infer from this post???

Oh!!! Thanks...hope i get her very soon (2009 would be fine) :)

Amrita said...

hehe interesting one.... boysss will be boys is wht came to my mind when i read "Sameera Reddy is buxom, full of life and creates a pang at your heart."

hmm... hope to get a copy with subtitles in eng mebbe later next yr...

hope u had a gud christmas and wish u happy new yr in advance :)
take care

Rajesh said...

@ Amrita
yeah... BOYS will be BOYS especially when situations demand.. If we don't appreciate Sameera for what she is, who else will???

Do watch it...hope u like the same..take care

Happy New Year

Express said...

I don't like romantic cinema,
as a matter of fact, apart 4m documentaries, I don't like cinema much..

no comments.

and Chemistry is the most sexy subject thr is :-P

Happy nu yeearrr!!!!

Prashant Sree said...

Ha ha !! Nice one. When i read the post title about Chemistry, i assumed you are gonna write about the Chemistry subject.

And what do i find, Jealousy,Fancy, Dream all mixed into one !!

Yes dude, i agree that the way Sameera was portrayed,it was enough to make anyone fall for her. Yet my view is that given a Makeup, even the girl next door can be made equally beautiful.,. ;)
Not that she is not beautiful. She looked beautiful.,.

And about the point of going abroad just to sweep a girl off her feet, If she is that worth(both beauty and Character wise), Just take the flight !!

Rajesh said...

Oh!!! U expected Chemistry is it??? Hee...hee..

yeah...she looked Beautiful!!!! but more of a buxom babe to be was a superb 1 hour to watch..

Anurag said...

Tamilian Cinema is different ain't it? ...But I like it....riomance is always the backdrop in most of the films ...Great !!!

Anyways Happy new year ....
Blogrolling you mann ....

SMRITI said...

Nice...No idea about the movie but Sameera Reddy seems like a sought after actress in Tamil cinema is it??

Happy new year to you too :)

ANWESA said...

:) well,i thot u were a serious kinda guy - i nvr thot u wud like d idea of givin up one's career 4 d sake of a prospective lyf-partner

Chandrasekharan said...

@ rajesh

nice post dude! well written, congo!

reg the movie, I din watch it yet, but will do it in a week or 2.

I liked these lines :

I really have something to watch if not experience’

I’ve opined to quite a few of my friends (girls) that they look prettier in white salwars and this opinion of mine has been acknowledged by many when they've worn the same.


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

:) i wish ur dream girl clad all in white will soon come :D

verbivorehere said...

wow....youve got me buy that movie!! literally!
hmmm so i guess..nw the compliments i gt n wearing the white salwar was genuine ;P

Rajesh said...

Romance is not much different...yeah romance s the backdrop of almost all movies down south..

thanks 4 the blog roll...keep coming..

Nope..she is just entered...

Well...Happy New Year

Rajesh said...

I'm a mix of both...I said I liked the movie but i never said i ll go behind a gal at the expense of my was a good movie 2 watch..

We may like some things to watch only and not experience...this was one such

Rajesh said...

U r back here after a long time...thanks 4 dropping by...

Happy New Year

Rajesh said...

Oh!!! Thanks...hope i get soon..

Yup...gals do look very pretty in white salwars :) :)

joiedevivre said...

ohh u wanna gal wearin white..hehe

happy new yearrr

mona said...

hmm... sounds interesting.. love stories are always so endearing... always been a fan of silly romantic movies.. guess should get to watching this one soon (with a hindi translator ofcourse!!) lol...

nice description man... put in a very interesting way... i liked the title... it was witty and nice...

and your little secret is revealed now.. hope you find your white salwar-clad dame soon.. all the best dude!!!

nice post.. an enjoyable read.. keep writing!! and wish you a happy new year!!