Thursday, September 04, 2008

Expectations.... !!!

‘224', my professor called. 'Absent Sir’ was my reply to the roll-call. That’s the last register number in my class and soon as he finished marking the attendance, I pulled out my mobile from the left pant pocket and the clock showed 1522 hrs. ‘Shit!!’ I exclaimed. The next electric train arrives at 1526 hrs. Before I could finish saying S-H-I-T, I was already at the stairs. I heard a scream ‘ Rajesh!! Wait…I’m coming’. I was in no mood to wait and I ran from my block to the station ( this is the only instance wherein one can see me run…to catch a train)….a 200m stretch and as I reached the gate, I could see the train entering the platform ( a few minutes ahead of scheduled arrival ). The foot-over bridge was completely out of my sight and I crossed the road, ran across the bushes, climbed over the platform, bustled towards the train and boarded the first-class compartment just before the train could depart.

Phew!!!! A relief !!. I looked around the compartment to see it almost empty. At one corner was an average-looking girl, a college-mate of mine. I wondered ‘How long shall I ogle ??? Huh !!! No point sitting here’. I called one of my friends and he said a group of five was in one of the general compartments. Huh !! I decided to travel alone by comforting myself with the mp3 player. As I unzipped my bag, the thought of having lost my earphones, this morning shook me. PANG !!. Only then, was I reminded of the presence of my mobile’s headset ( in one corner of my bag ). I took it out and connected it to my Nokia 6070 and turned on the FM radio. Ever since I bought the mp3 player, I turn snooty at the very thought of listening to radio on my mobile. Yeah !! Supercilious !!! But when things get worse, I ultimately have to get back to it just like this day. FM Radio, My Saviour !!!!

I discovered something during the journey and my discovery could be acknowledged by a few. Some may view it as a ‘Blown-out-of-proportion’ stuff while to most, it would appear déjà vu. Well… as many of you might know, I enjoy even the smallest things around me and the learning process is no different. It was, in my opinion, noteworthy and I’m glad to share it with you.

Coming back, I tuned in to Radio Mirchi first and it was Taxi Taxi. It is, these days, on the lips of every youth - a sensational number from the film Sakarakatti tuned by the Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman. I listened to this number (one of my favorites), then, kept changing stations but never experienced boredom. Atleast one out of the nine FM stations played a favorite song of mine and on most occasions, it was two or three. Being a music addict, I was thoroughly enjoying myself and the likes of Karthik, Hariharan, S.P.B, Chinmayee and many more Tamil singers kept my ears glued to the headset. Half-an-hour passed and as I was changing stations, a thought dumbstruck me. After it's flash across my mind, I inferred what it takes to bridge the gap between EXPECTATIONS and FULFILMENT.

Had my companionship been with the mp3 player that evening, I wouldn’t have been that contented. This may not have been experienced by many but I’m the epitome of this quality. Now why is that ? If it had been my mp3 player, changing of songs is at my will but the same is not applicable while listening to FM radio and I got to accept with what the RJs and producers of the FM stations play. So, when that happens, I’ve no expectations and I’m contented with what is being played. If a favorite song of mine is played, I’m all the more happy. With an mp3 player around, I long for THE BEST and how many BEST songs, you think will suffice to fulfil my expectations ??? I'm greedy for THE BEST everytime and beyond a point, I listen to songs half-heartedly though it might be a favorite song of mine. But when the same song is being played on the FM stations, I look a contented man.

Now, that doesn’t stop me from listening to songs on my mp3 player henceforth. It's just that I’ve learnt to listen to all songs with pleasure. The osmosis inside, has made me reach the equilibrium necessary to transmit from a sense of desire to a sense of fulfilment.

No music - related write-up of mine is complete without a mention of Ms.Shreya Ghoshal. Well…all songs mentioned above / listened on radio that day were non - Shreya tracks. This nightingale, forever holds a special place in my heart and her songs are always THE BEST. . Latest of hers which is making me go overboard is Tere Ore (Singh is Kinng) and Ek Haseena (Karz). The latter deserves a special mention here. Though Shreya is not heard much with Himesh nasal-ling his way through, Shreya’s impact is wow!!!. That one line of hers ‘Roz Milne Lage’ (at 2.22 min) makes me touch the Himalayan heights of enthusiasm everytime I listen to it. Wow!!! What a singer!!!! Love you loads..also worth mentioning here is Shreya's latest Tamil song 'Oru vaarthai' from Poi Solla Porom...another amazing number and it's a listen to it.

Well…something happy to share. I’ve received an award from Divya and it’s there below.

Yay! Blogging Friends Forever award came knocking at my blog : ) Thank you Divya and I’ m honoured!

Here are the rules for the Blogging Friends Forever Award:

1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Put a link to the person you received the award from.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.

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THE AWARD! and now I nominte these people who i've met through the blogger... thank you for your support and encouragement too folks :)

1. Mona- One of my very good friends, benevolence personified. I’m a big fan of her poems and what not, a dentist-in-the making but above all, a friend I admire.

2. Enchanted Illusions- On her request, I've not mentioned her name. A good friend of mine, a CAT aspirant and even takes time off to read my older posts.

3. Jahnabi- She’s been here ever since I started blogging. A Critic and a good friend. Infact, she’s one of the few who rates my articles (mostly it’s 4 stars)

4. Still thinking- She has called my writings ‘eloquent introspections’ and been a regular visitor here, of late…thanks..

5. Shatabdi – My latest pal on blogger world. A chatter and she too, is a fan of Shreya Ghoshal.

P.S: If you have forgotten, above is an article wherein I had written about my experience during a train journey. Don’t forget to post comments relating to that. Scroll up and look to your right to vote in the polls. Please take time off : )


Preeti said...

Yea, i can totally current FAVOURITE song (other than taxi) is kangal irundal....i think its one of the most hauntingly beautiful tunes and me n my sis cnt get enuf of singin it... and today what u said juz happened - they played it almost on every radio station! Beats the ipod also illa? :)

everything burns... said...

shreya ghoshal is definitely wonderful...but honestly even i didnt get much of her singing in th ek haseena song... for tht matter since its mr. himesh...i switch th channel when tht song is
anyway relly nice write up... th beginning esp ws relly nice... n thnks for th nomination...
ps: 1) altho i am nt one of th "few" who rate ur blogs...coz there r many.... who do... but i do hv th distinction of being the only one who rates below
2) why did u remove th rating system?

Rajesh said...

Yup...its being played almost 24X7 on FM stations...

No...just listen to Shreya in that!!! amazing!!!
and ya...should add the rating system soon...just changed the template rite??so gotta add that widget...anyways thanks for dropping by

Trinaa said...

heyyy congrats to u too!! :)))

Rajesh said...


Gauri Mathur said...


awesome springs said...

I have no clue about the songs you are talking about.

Ok, I will give you my current favourites:

Try ‘low’

Try ‘lollipop’

Try ‘Heartbeat’

RiverSoul said...

Congratulations at the award!!
And Great template

Rajesh said...


I guess you've not read the post itself

Thanks dude...

ANWESA said...

wat a musical journey!!by the way,who called you on stairs?

Rajesh said...

Thanks...I don get u...r u referring to the one in the first paragraph??? I was running down the stairs..

Express said...

Hey! Thanks a ton for that award,
meant a lot,
and I feel like a celebrity already! :-D

as far as the post is concerned, is this comment space enough for me :-P

Just one thing,
Expectations come from something that either belongs to us directly or is close 2 us. So, attachment makes us expect. and as expectation soars high, fulfillment seldom is attained.

Nice post! :-) and shall chk those songs out :-)

P.S. Shreya's good. very good :-)

akanksha said...

Congrats for the award:-)
Nice template!

akanksha said...

Congrats for the award:-)
Nice template!

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Buddy,

Well didnt expect the expectations to be here too ;)., Thats life in one way.,.

I like the fact that you reflect on simple things in life.,. Its gonna be beneficial to you :)

I liked the part about striking a balance between our desires and fulfillment.,. Tats a nice thought !!

And yes, Shreya voice is cool.,. Really mellifluous. :)

Keep Learning !!


Rajesh said...

Thanks...i guesss u r the first person to comment on the actual content of my article...many i guess jus said abt the songs and SHREYA.. yeah u r right....and U r one in my 'FRIENDS FOREVER' list...yup...I really mean it...Our friendship was made as fast as an express- SHATABDI !!!!

Yeah...thanks...1 comment will do :)

Yup...just a co-incidence that we dealt with the same topic...just a co-incidence...but urs had a better treatment and i loved urs more than mine...but just touched upon with a simple narrration...urs was truly MARVELLOUS!!!

Yup...shreya is awesome!!! nice to hear ppl say some nice words abt listen to her latest songs...U'll fall for her...

Still thinking said...

First of all, congrats on the award dear and hopefully, you'll have many more.

'The osmosis inside, has made me reach the equilibrium necessary to transmit from a sense of desire to a sense of fulfilment.' - Beautiful line!

How do you come up with words like these? Isn't it really something when a sense of desire culminates into fulfilment :)

I just love your love for music and lemme share this with you, I really really like Shreya Ghoshal's voice too and I don't love her as much as you do :p

And dude, thank you so so so much for bestowing me with this award. I'm really honoured. It means a lot to me to have a blogger friend forever in this beautiful blogville. Thank you again! :)

Rajesh said...

@Still thinking
Oh!!! Thanks...and yeah...that Osmosis line was something I thot abt for qquite some time.. I wanted one CATCH phrase in that write-up..something to conclude and I'm happy that atleast to u, it appeared remarkable...thanks

and yeah...Shreya rocczzz...if i start here, i'll end up wit another blog in the comments section...lollzz coz thats my CRAZE for her... :)

mona said...

hey rajesh...u kno wat d best thing abt ur posts is??.. that everyone can relate to them in some way or d other...ur write up took me back to my junior college days wen i used to literally hang out of d train tryin to catch radio station signals... yeah.. there was a time wen i was addicted to d radio n unfortunately i stopped listenin to it thanks to mp3 players n fones... but dis post has inspired me to go back to good old radio... old is gold after all... ur love for music is outstanding... maintain d passion always... congrats for d award..(n thanks a ton for d award... m honored...!!).. n keep writing.. coz i enjoy each bit of ur posts... !! cheers!!!

Rajesh said...

Oh!!! Thanks a lot...and yeah...Suburban train stuff are better or rather best experienced at Bombay i know....anyways thanks 4 ur compliments...keep coming

ANWESA said...

i'v read ur post,"when i knew only laughter" n posted a comment der,plz hav a look at it.

ani said...

congrats on the award dear..

hehe well am sooo out of touch with the music now.. so no idea about which one u were talking about.. guess need a lot of catching up to do

oh well it happens.. :)

Rajesh said...

Thanks...n ya do catch up :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hmm.. interesting blog.. good observaation.. and i relate stuff like that too all the time..
btw chk out my blog if u can

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Rajesh,

You have been tagged ;)and collect your Blog awards too.,. :)



Rajesh said...

Thanks a lot dude...on my way there :)

Anahita said...

hey this is anahita, vishal's classmate.I haven't had much time to check out your latest entries because of my exams, but I loved the last one. I'm not such a big fan of Ms. Ghoshal, but I recommend Ahista Ahista from Bcahna Ae Haseeno sung by her.

Keep writing,

Rajesh said...

I guess u r here after a long time...well..all the best for ur exams... do read the articles 'A Walk to remember' and 'Sleepless at Chennai'.. I feel u ll like them better

Anu said...

hmm.. mp3 related to expectations and fulfillment.. would have never thought of that,but what you say is true of everthing, fulfillment has has a direct link expectation ..I have taxi taxi blaring too, but im more a rahmaniac than anything else.

enchanted illusionz said...

enjoyed dis write up , i thnk i hv tld u b4 of hw u take ur readers too live wot u livd thru ur words. hmm..i aint a big fan f fm , mayb i ll try it out 1 f des dys & de train journeys , i soo luv it , more so wen m alone or else de company shld b really worth havn. congrats 4 ur award& heyy a biggg thnk dear 4 de award! hugz!

Rajesh said...

Yeah...i try to relate every thing to every other thing...and somehow there's sm relation na????and well.. Taxi Taxi is good...don use the word 'Jarring'

Yup...train journeys are always fun...n FM...well if u have good stations at Kollam...maybe u shall...but here at Chennai, it rocczz....thanks 4 the comment that I take my readers with me thru my words...well...thanks...

and Congrats on the award!!! Keep blogging :)

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

I do understand what ur talking about. . .Its more fun to hope in anticipation that the next song they play wud be your favorite , than listen to the pre recorded songs. . . Am i glad , that there is radio mirchi n stuff these days instead of the plain old akashvaani when we were kids :)

Rajesh said...

Yup...thats another way of looking at it....but then 've never listened to Aakashvani...started off with these FM never got such thots

Divya said...

:O you got all that from FM radio???!! wow!

and congrats! :D

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

award season it seems...LOL

nice nice n congrats too :)

n m srry man, dunno nethn bout the sonf so dun know wt to say!!!!
loved this line..."The osmosis inside, has made me reach the equilibrium necessary to transmit from a sense of desire to a sense of fulfilment." - u ve expressed it really well :)

Rajesh said...

@Divya and Divkiran
Yeah...thanks thanks...and ya thats a fav line of mine


Congrats on the awards..
liked your post..

joiedevivre said...

first of alll
dis new template is gud..i didnt lik d previous one u had

for award

Rajesh said...

Nice to c u here after a looong time...welcome!!!

Yeah...I love this template too..thanks

awesome springs said...

I read it I guess.